Saturday, May 18, 2019

Untitled Corruption Game Demo 1 live on patreon

Hi everyone,
Recently, I started making a new h-game in-between making Conception Maiden.
For now, it has the name "Untitled Corruption Game", but I'll try to have a real name for it when I post it here on the blog.
This is different from the Desires of Persephone game chapter I posted(I had never really intended to post Desires of Persephone publicly), and instead it is more build around the idea of something that I might like to keep making for a long time, but is also far less complex to make than something like Conception Maiden.

This game has similarities to the Desires of Persephone chapter I posted as well as a game called "Village of Nightmare", though this game probably has even darker themes.

Here's a little bit about the game:
Seifer, a 66 year old criminal, uses the main fruit of his teacher's life research, "Young Maiden", to become a young girl.  Having also recently completed his own research on how to obtain unlimited mana, he now seeks to fulfill his desires for power, revenge, lust for beautiful girls, as well as regain the penis he lost from changing genders.  Through moral degeneration and corruption, he seeks to turn these girls into extremely loyal, horny followers.

Here are the Patreon demo Release dates, since this is a new game, I'll release it publicly sooner: 
Very early access: May 18th, Early access: May 21th, Public release(blog and anywhere else): May 24th

If you're wondering, before this, I wasn't sure if I should make a new game, however I haven't really released anything major yet this year and ideally I would like to be able to post new releases every month or so, like I did when I was making Girls x Lust.  This won't be possible with Conception Maiden right now partly due to it's complexity(and the foundation of it isn't complete yet) and my free-time, so I wanted to also do something smaller.  This new game is something I can make significantly faster, possibly even release every month like I did with Girls x Lust(if I have have enough free-time).  But please don't worry too much, Conception Maiden is still in development though and I'm hoping to release it's next demo sometime in the future as well.

This new game has some very dark themes, but if you are able to, please give it a try.
I will try to post more about this game once I release it on the blog. Thanks for your support everyone!

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

CM Progressing/Animations

Hi everyone,
Recently there were many smaller things I've been doing to conception maiden.

I wasn't originally planning to for this demo, but I've updated both Victoria's and Lorelei's large cut-scene sprites and modded normal clothes for Victoria.  I've also put together about 36 new MMD animations(though some of these uses the same animations with new models) and added them into the game(this is a slow process due to all the image processing needed to convert the animations to small frames correctly). 

Victoria is massive(standing over 8 feet(243cm) tall) and was the most difficult character to put together.  She now has her updated sprite for the game looks like this:

In-game Victoria with updated Lorelei which shows their height difference:

and the default view:

Comparison of new cutscene sprites(bottom) with the ones used in the last demo(top):

I've also updated/created new animations for battle characters.  On the last 2 post, I did this victoria's  MMD animations without shadows since I wasn't able to get shadowing to work. But now after altering the models further, shadows works correctly.  Here is an example:

The left has no shadows, and the right has shadows.  All the new animations now have shadows.  The in-game size will be slightly bigger than these.  She will now be this size in-game:

Both Victoria and Lorelei have attack animations and such now(as well as Minori and Utrila, though Minori has no attack), here are a few more examples:

 The animations set to be used in the game are current idle(facing 2 directions), running(facing 2 directions), jumping, taking damage, blocking/guard, and attacking(Minori doesn't have an attack since he focuses on healing).   Here is an example of the scale of the new battle sprites:

This reflects their correct sizes. Minori is now shorter, Victoria is larger, and Lorelei is slimmer.  Lorelei is actually a tall girl but it is hard to notice when she's standing next to her mother.  

Something else I've added was a switch system that keeps track of most of the events that occurs in game.  This is different from what I've done before, and this will basically remember everything that has happened in the game and the game will use it in a few ways.  An example would be you pick up a berry off the ground, the game will remember this by turning on a switch.  Another example, you chose a choice from when a character asked you a question, this too will be remembered using a switch.  Basically this will be used to remember miscellaneous things in-game and will also be saved in a savefile when the game is saved.

Here are a few more screenshots of the work-in-progress demo #2:

I would like to post a date for the next demo but with my limited free time(also I have been going backwards to redo the visuals on it multiple times), I am still not sure when it will be ready.  However I am planning to post a new demo between now and within the next few months.  Right now, the fighter animations I need for the next demo are done for the most part, so the main things to add are more eventing, storyline, and programming for the battle system.

Thanks so much for your patience with me and following me.

That's all for now,
see you later.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Menus, Items, and Saving

Hi guys,
The following may get a bit technical, but recently in Conception Maiden I've created an Item database system, an inventory system, a save/load system, and a multi-purpose menu system.  Aside from that I've also added the fighter system from my last post into the main game(though they can not take damage yet and only Victoria's sprites are set up for this so far).

The item system is very simple right now but can be used to easily create new items for the game.  The inventory system builds off of the items system, and basically keeps track of what items and how many are in your possession(along with money) like in other RPGs.  It can also be used to create multiple inventories.

One of the highest proprieties after I adding the stuff from my last post, was to create a Save/Load system so the game could be saved.  For this, the game needed to know what should be saved, which turned out to be mainly data relating to characters/fighters, inventory, system info, and the general current state of the game.  In order to save, the player would also need menus to select where to save, so I also made a multi-purpose menu system.
This is different from menus I made before and took far longer to make than the items/inventory systems.  The basic idea is to have a menu system that can be used almost anything in the game.  It looks very basic right now but it can be used to make lots of different menus with transitions.

After everything was set up, I added pausing to the game and a pause menu, with one of the options on it being save:

This is how the save menu looks at the moment.  The save time is shown as well as a screenshot.  Each time the game is saved, two files are created/overwritten for this.

The ".sav" file contains all the save data while the ".png" file is a small screenshot to go along with it.  This save system would need a few more test but should likely be fully-functional on the next demo.

Character Menu Layout in progress

Right now, the pause menu have 5 sub-menus, Characters, Items, Save, Options, and Quit. Though only Save/Quit will probably be usable in the next demo.  Save files can now be loaded from a new menu on the title screen.


Also, about load times between maps(rooms):
This game is rather optimized, but there is one major thing that makes the player wait, this is the time it takes when the game changes maps.  For example, at the very beginning of the last demo, immediately after the title screen(right before the games first line of dialog), it's noticeable that it takes the game a moment to load. 

This is because autotiles are being merged together in real-time before the map can be played.  (Autotiles are images used as tiles on the ground, and then automatically merged together based on where they are from each other.  This can make the map look very nice.)  The more autotiles on a map, the longer it takes to load before playing.  This basically accounts for most all of the waiting time in demo once the title screen appears(without it, loading could be just about immediate aside from asset sprites/sounds/etc loading when needed).

The best way I can think of to fix this would be to have all the tiles per-merged.  This means nothing would need to be merged while the player is playing.  However, with pre-merged game maps, I won't be able to easily edit the maps(my custom tile editor would probably need a complex update to account for this) and the animated autotiles(like animated water) aren't currently designed for per-merging.  I will try to fix this in the future, though I probably won't have time to do it by Demo #2.


With the basic Save/Load working now, I will probably focus on the writing of the storyline now and a few other smaller things.  Once I have the stroyline far enough, I will likely focus on adding/updating fighters and eventing.

Once that is all done(Though I am not sure when that will be right now), I think Demo #2 will be completed and ready.  This demo will include the Utrila h-event.  Thanks so much for your support so far guys, I will let you all know when the demo is ready.

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

CM Update + Animations (Victoria)

Hi everyone,
I was planning to post this sooner but wasn't able to (mainly because of free time).
On my last post, I talked abit about how I updated the visual of the models, I modded them even more.  Victoria in particular, where I completely redid her proportions again.  Here's what the massive Victoria looks like now after the new modding:

The differences from the one in the last demo is Victoria's model itself is higher quality(among the highest I've seen in 3DCG), her proportions are better(longer arms/legs, better butt shape, more emphasis on butt, her hair texture is been changed to a nicer custom one).  Basically a big overhaul, If it's hard to tell the difference, please look at this one:

On the left is how they look in the last demo, on the right is how they look now(though Lorelei's skin tone has been adjusted slightly since this CG).  Victoria also looks quite different from on my last post too.

This shows her butt, even know it was big, it use to be rather flat, now it's much rounder and smoother.  Animated it is something like this(I haven't added butt physics atm but I have set it so I can manually deform it.  I might also try to make her butt a bit rounder from behind).

Now, the new model bodies are a little taller(which I gave to all the girls), and I made minori's head a little smaller to balance it better with his body.  Plus I gave Victoria a little bonus height so I could make her butt a little bigger while still looking more balanced.   So basically everyone is even taller than Minori now.

Until I had finished updating the models I had to put a number of things on hold, one of the things were making fighter animations to battle in side-view mode. However, after I've finished updated them, I converted a number of them to MMD so I can make new animations.  Before I could do this I had to figure out their new in-game height.  Minori is now 84 pixels tall, while Lorelei is 96 pixels tall, and Victoria is about 137 pixels tall.  After animating in MMD and photoshop, here's an example of Victoria new animations(jumping north-east, attacking):

The weapon Victoria uses is similar to a spear.  I also decide to rebuild the side-view fighting from the beginning in the game, along with the new animations.  So the platforming is much better now (I've been reading some stuff on creating "intuitive controls").  Here's what Victoria's sliding animation looks like in-game now:

Here's some different actions in-game(yellow block is a placeholder for an enemy character of average height):

All of this(mainly modding/editing characters and platforming rebuild) has taken a very long time and has problem set me back about 2 months in development, but it seems to have turned out rather well.  I was planning to post a tech-demo here of the new platforming but there are still things I would like to do with is before that.  Currently the AI player(yellow block) has goes by choosing a random movement goal: idle, move toward player/item, move away from player/item, and when in range there's a chance the AI will attack you.  For Lorelei, she will have a bow & arrow that gives her long range attacks.  I still don't have a release date though, but once this is all done I will put it all into the main game and write the storyline, add gameplay up to the point for the next main demo.  I will let you guys know once it's ready.

That's all for now,
see you later.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Visual Enhancements

Hi everyone,
Note this post may contain spoilers and might be a little bit technical.

For most of my games I've used a program called 3d custom girl(3DCG) to make custom characters and generate screenshots.  This program can also be modded with custom built mods.  I've made lots of custom mods and wrote programs from starch dealing with 3DCG since I started using it(though I haven't posted any online). 

The character CGs for Conception Maiden are also created using 3DCG(and MMD to a lesser degree).  Lately I've been trying to improve the quality of the character images for Conception Maiden by editing/creating mods in 3DCG.  So I thought I might tell you guys a little about it and show you some more images relating to Conception Maiden.

First, as you've seen, the characters such as Lorelei and her mother Victoria has a style that look something like this:

 School Girl Lorelei

Mother and Daughter                                      Pregnant Lorelei

With the a higher level of editing in photoshop, I can makes images a bit more elaborate, such as like this:
 Victoria sleeps with Minori

However, I was wondering if I could the character look of an even high quality, maybe something closer to like this 3DCG image(note this image isn't by me and it's also wasn't made using MMD.  It's by the pixiv user 大尉).

After looking a bit for info, I started looking for the best 3D Custom Girl hair I could find. I did find one, but there wasn't any in the right tone so I modded it. This took awhile but after that and numerous other things(such as injecting hair colors into 3DCG), I afterward, i ended up with hair textured like this:
Hair Enhancement

Looking at the image, you may notice new details and smoothness in their hair styles(I also modded lorelei's eyes).  Around this time I was also playing around with possible offspring characters for the main character to have, and I made this(with full editing):

Aside from Lorelei, these girls will probably be among the first offspring in the game. (Brown-haired girl being the child of Minori+Victoria, the Black-haired girl being the child of Minori+Lorelei).

After getting that hair stuff to work, I started wondering if I could update the entire bodies too, so I looked for nice 3DCG bodies.  Overall, there were 2 possible ones that I thought might be great for the game.  These two:

Two bodies with very different appearances

However, there are problems with using each of these bodies, the biggest being that the body on the left won't be able to wear most of 3DCG clothing, the one on the right has this problem too but not as much so there are ways i know of to get around it.  Another problem with both of the bodies is the facial expressions are different, which seems to make it impossible for me to recreate the same level of expressions i want. Also the skin tones don't match Lorelei's.  After thinking it over though, I decided to go with the one on the right because of how I thought it look overall and it's more shapely than the one on the left(I also like the lighting on it).

So experimenting with it, I still couldn't get the facial expressions right, so I though about maybe merging the body with the face from the current body(this face would also inherit some of the new lighting).  I did this for about 2 days, and got the head to merge but it didn't work out well. Either the face movements would be deformed or the body movements would be deformed.

Reverse NTR(?) facial expressions.

So instead, I took a break and modded the skin tone of the body(modding 3DCG bodies is probably the hardest thing in 3DCG to mod).  This is how it looked after I modded it for a day:

Orignal on left, new body on right

It turned out well and the new body has an improved figure with improved lighting.  I also tried modding the shape of the body to make clothes fit better but that didn't work out too well.

About two days later I came back to this and tried to update the body and head again.  This time since merging the head didn't work, I thought I would make a headless body and create the head as an "add-on part".  After modding, this worked completely, and I also made a flatter version of the body where the clothes fit a little better(and anything that didn't fit correctly I could fix in photoshop, or try modding the specific clothes).  This took about 2 more days to get working(just finished it today), but now they have familiar faces with improved bodies.

Here is how Loreiel looks now:

Click image to enlarge

I also updated the Victoria's overall figure for the new body while updating her.  Here's how she looks along with her daughter Loreiel:

The mother is now slightly taller with larger breasts for the body type, her thighs are also much thicker now.  You can also see body fat in her stomach and legs now(part of this was edited).  If I edit these images further using the techniques i usually use, I can improve the quality notably more(These bodies would also look nice if I put them in MMD).

Partly since I still want to experiment with the new bodies a little more first, they probably won't appear on Demo #2(the next demo coming out), but they're new bodies will like be in Demo#3.  This new body type is planned to be applied to all the female characters.

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.