Wednesday, April 24, 2019

CM Progressing/Animations

Hi everyone,
Recently there were many smaller things I've been doing to conception maiden.

I wasn't originally planning to for this demo, but I've updated both Victoria's and Lorelei's large cut-scene sprites and modded normal clothes for Victoria.  I've also put together about 36 new MMD animations(though some of these uses the same animations with new models) and added them into the game(this is a slow process due to all the image processing needed to convert the animations to small frames correctly). 

Victoria is massive(standing over 8 feet(243cm) tall) and was the most difficult character to put together.  She now has her updated sprite for the game looks like this:

In-game Victoria with updated Lorelei which shows their height difference:

and the default view:

Comparison of new cutscene sprites(bottom) with the ones used in the last demo(top):

I've also updated/created new animations for battle characters.  On the last 2 post, I did this victoria's  MMD animations without shadows since I wasn't able to get shadowing to work. But now after altering the models further, shadows works correctly.  Here is an example:

The left has no shadows, and the right has shadows.  All the new animations now have shadows.  The in-game size will be slightly bigger than these.  She will now be this size in-game:

Both Victoria and Lorelei have attack animations and such now(as well as Minori and Utrila, though Minori has no attack), here are a few more examples:

 The animations set to be used in the game are current idle(facing 2 directions), running(facing 2 directions), jumping, taking damage, blocking/guard, and attacking(Minori doesn't have an attack since he focuses on healing).   Here is an example of the scale of the new battle sprites:

This reflects their correct sizes. Minori is now shorter, Victoria is larger, and Lorelei is slimmer.  Lorelei is actually a tall girl but it is hard to notice when she's standing next to her mother.  

Something else I've added was a switch system that keeps track of most of the events that occurs in game.  This is different from what I've done before, and this will basically remember everything that has happened in the game and the game will use it in a few ways.  An example would be you pick up a berry off the ground, the game will remember this by turning on a switch.  Another example, you chose a choice from when a character asked you a question, this too will be remembered using a switch.  Basically this will be used to remember miscellaneous things in-game and will also be saved in a savefile when the game is saved.

Here are a few more screenshots of the work-in-progress demo #2:

I would like to post a date for the next demo but with my limited free time(also I have been going backwards to redo the visuals on it multiple times), I am still not sure when it will be ready.  However I am planning to post a new demo between now and within the next few months.  Right now, the fighter animations I need for the next demo are done for the most part, so the main things to add are more eventing, storyline, and programming for the battle system.

Thanks so much for your patience with me and following me.

That's all for now,
see you later.


  1. Just finished your demo 1B for this game and it was really great! Hope to see more soon, the story and game play were really interesting

    1. Thanks alot! I'm glad you like it. I'm still not sure when the next demo will be ready yet, but I'll let you guys know once it is. Right now the biggest thing is finishing the battling and the eventing/story.