Sunday, June 9, 2019

IS poll 1 results

Hi everyone,
A little over two weeks ago I made a favorite character poll for Immoral Sorceress just for fun.  Here are the current results(Spoiler warning):

3rd Place (3 votes) - Ellanora, the Unholy Sister.
The niece of Julia and product of incest. Betrayed the church to fulfill her desires.
Physical Traits: Black Hair, Huge Breasts, Buxomness, Thick Eye Brows,  Glasses, Heavy Public Hair.

2nd Place (7 votes) - Elizabeth, the Diseased Rapist.
A village girl forced to receive the DNA and penis of a diseased mass-rapist.
Physical Traits: Brown Hair, Moles, Hairy, Diseased, Lactating, Dirty, Sagging Breasts, Penis.

1st Place (13 votes) - Julia, the Ravishing Sorceress.
An old man transformed into a beautiful young girl.
Physical Traits: Black Hair, Hair Over Eyes, Heterochromia Eyes, Short and Petite, Very Thick Hips, Small Breasts, Obsessive Public Hair.

Here are the full results(click image for full-view):

There were 27 votes total, thanks for voting everyone!
The next demo is developing well and should be released sometime this month.

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.


  1. Julia is so cuuuuuuuute ^~^. I mean look at her in that pose. It looks like adorableness runs in the blood because Elllanora's a cutie pie too. I also have to feel like I shouldn't think Elizabeth is that cute, but she's kind of is. I mean look at her blushing like that. I need help, I'm having a hard time containing my excitement for this game.

    1. Thanks, it probably won't be too much longer until the next demo is released.

  2. Is there a possibility to see some footfetish/footworshipping scenes?

    1. *I second this. I second this all day long. Foot fetish is nice, as long males aren't involved in it (obviously futas are cool though)

    2. Yes! I would like to add something like that in the game in the future. There is also a character who will be particularly well suited for that.