Tuesday, August 3, 2021

CM new human characters

Hi everyone,

here are a few of the new characters I've been making Conception Maiden(click on image to enlarge).


Spoiler warning.  From left to right, Miyumi, Nakiri, and Yuri.  These 3 characters will appear at some point in the game.  Miyumi, a somewhat serious girl, is the crush of Minori(the main character) and use to babysit him.  The other two are Miyumi's friends who attended college with her, Nakiri and Yuri.  Yuri in particular is very fit, athletic and competes and sporting events, while Nakiri is chubby and a bit more of an average girl.  As the same with most humans, these girls do not like monster girls.  Miyumi's father in particular was abducted by an elf when she was little.

The current idea for the game is that Minori's pod was thought to be the only human pod, however his pod actually got separated from the other human pods, which led to him being find by the elves.

That's all for now,

see you all later

Monday, August 2, 2021

big delay

 Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long absence.  Over the past few months I have been having financial problems and been busy trying to improve them, among other things.  Unfortunately things haven't been going great in that regard, but they are a bit better than they were and hopefully will be better in the not to distance future.  I'm sorry for all the delays once again, as I was originally intending to release a new demo some months ago.  

But I wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing okay and I am still planning to release new versions of both games, though I don't have a release date that I'm sure of at the moment. 

For game development, I've been consider making the AIs fighter more similarly to a megaman boss for Conception Maiden, as well as idea for Immoral Sorceress, but I will probably talk about this more in a later post.  My free time is rather limited right now, but I will try to keep you guys updated regularly again as well as let you'll know once I have a demo ready.

Also, while I've hadn't really have much time to do much game programming directly, I have made quite a bit of new 3D art, characters and mini-comics for the game Conception Maiden.  So right now, the plan is until I'm able to release a new version of my games, I will be posting new 3D art on my pixiv and baraag(and maybe some on this blog too)(these could possibly however be considered spoilers for the game).

Thank you all so much for your support on my patreon/subscribestar, as well as anyone else who enjoys my creations.

That's all for now,
see you all later.