Friday, May 24, 2019

Immoral Sorceress - Demo 1

Hi everyone,
more recently, I've been making a corruption themed h-game called Immoral Sorceress (previously called Untitled Corruption Game).

Here's a little bit about the game(taken mostly from the other post):
Seifer, a 66 year old criminal, uses the main fruit of his teacher's life research, "Young Maiden", to become a young girl.  Having also recently completed his own research on how to obtain unlimited mana, he now seeks to fulfill his desires for power, revenge, lust for beautiful girls, as well as regain the penis he lost from changing genders.  Through moral degeneration and corruption, he seeks to turn these girls into extremely loyal, horny followers.  For every girl he corrupts, his total mana grows and he inches closer to his perverse goals.

This game was made with rpg maker mv and has similarities to the Desires of Persephone chapter I posted as well as a game called "Village of Nightmare".  This game also uses an active battle system similar to games like "Chrono Trigger".
Warning though, this game may have some very dark themes.

You can download the game here:!dIZSkQyS!T0Jz69jRK45LyjhH-befHz_nZMzWaIFzBB_U4QdBFpY

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This game is significantly more feasible to release on a regular basis compared to games like Conception Maiden, so if you like this game or would like to leave feedback, please let me know in the comments below.

EDIT2:  Thanks for voting in the favorite character poll,  you can view the results here.

Um, that's about all for now,
but here's some screenshots (after the jump, click on this post's title)----v

Also, some major theme/fetishes this game might be planned to include are: gender-bender, moral degeneration, corruption, transformation, body modification, demons, sorceress/witch, futanari, rape, big breasts, anal, femdom, incest, bondage, slave, freakshow, pregnancy, pee/scat, ugly-fying, fusion of bodies, tentacles, and netori(and more). EDIT2: Changed ntr on this list to netori(main character stealing someone's else's lover).

Here's some more images/screenshots:



  1. Hi! Good game, however I missed some sketch from desires of persephone, for example seeing the character gets corrupted by eating cum juices. There is a possibility to see some smell-induced corruption or cum eating corruption? Best wishes :)

    1. Yes, after Julia regains her penis I'll probably do something like that. I'm glad you like the game and thanks for your support!

  2. I was so excited when I saw this post about Immoral Sorceress. I just played the demo through today, and it was absolutely fantastic.
    You clearly put a massive amount of thought into this game and it shows. The story is incredible, and all the details are carefully laid out. You even get into the specifics of the corruption process which is very interesting, including explaining how the heart transforms into a sex organ by those who ingest the seed of minor corruption. There are different types of corruption, which is very interesting. In Elizabeth's corruption, since she didn't ingest the seed of minor corruption, she disobeys Julia, and her corruption process is much slower than those who ingest the seed. It's a small detail but it shows just how much love was put into this game.
    As a futanari fan, this game was so exciting for me. The main character is working towards growing her penis back, and provided she doesn't turn back into a male completely (but rather becomes a women with a penis), this is amazing. She also seems to hate men, so you're setting the stage for plenty of futanari on female action, which gets an A+ from me.
    It's hard to find a hentai game with darker themes, but to see one in the genre that I really love (futanari rpg) is just like spotting a unicorn: it's majestic and beautiful.
    The fights are pretty fun. They are a little harder than the fights in normal turn based games, because you don't have time to think, you have to keep fighting because the enemy will keep attacking you while you think. It's new and interesting to me.
    I really hope you're going to put in cg images to the sex scenes. The models are gorgeous, and it would be a waste if there aren't images to accompany the sex scenes. I'm assuming you will do this at some point, as all your games have cg images to accompany the scenes, but please let us know now if that isn't going to be the case here and the game is going to be text based.
    Please have these two things if you can manage. The gallery in GXL was one of the best galleries I've ever seen in an rpg maker game, and would be great here, but a scene recollection room would be fine too. A walkthrough would be nice also as a suggestion.
    I'm really hopeful for this game. It's even better then desires of persephone, and I honestly think this could be one of the best, if not the best h game I've ever played. I'm glad you say monthly releases are a possibility, but I'll be happy if you continue this game at all. Thank you pizzacat, I can't wait to see more Immoral Sorceress!

    1. Oh, this has made my day. ^^ Thank you so much for taking the time to say all of this! I'm happy that you like my game so much. ^^

      Yes, I'm planning to add CG images to the sex scenes and stuff in a future(maybe by the next demo). At some point I will likely add a gallery(though it will probably be after the game develops much more and I understand rpg maker mv's javascripting a bit more). I'll probably make a walkthrough at some point too.

      Aside from that, I also have lots of ideas in mind for the future of this game, so I hope you will keep playing.

      Thanks again for this, it really makes me happy. ^^

    2. You're very welcome, and thank you for the reply! Unfortunately for me, my laptop just died, so unless I get it fixed I won't be able to play more until I get a new one. I really wanted to play the demo again too :(. But the only thing I can do is follow the news updates until I can fix my situation. I can't wait to be able to Immoral Sorceress again though! It's going to be the best game ever!

  3. Just played the Demo. Wonderfully dark content absolutely loved it and a lot of content for a demo just great. Would love to see some TG content as well, like transforming the uppity guard Luke into a demented little goth.

    1. I'm not sure what I'll do with TG themes beyond Juila just yet, but I may have some even stranger things planned for the game.

      Thanks alot for playing, and I'm glad you
      liked it. ^^

  4. Hey I got a few minutes into the game and was curious how much is completed at this point? I'm kind of worried about falling in love with the game and then hitting a dead end when the demo ends. Also I kept getting crashes in the beginning but found out it was because Joy2Key was still active and I didn't realize I didn't need it. Just an FYI (Game runs great)

    1. Thanks for playing! The current demo was completed in less than a month, so the game is still in the earlier stages, but I'm told that the demo has a good length. The main character corrupts 2 characters, allures(?) a character into joining, and implants corruption into a 4th character.
      I don't have any plans right now for how long I want the game to be, but there are many things I have planned in the future for it.

      The game was build with rpg maker mv, though I'm not certain how well rpg maker mv works with joy2key. I didn't know joy2key could cause crashes, thanks for the info.

      I'm glad that the game is working for you now. The next demo will probably be out sometime this month. I hope you look forward to it. Thanks again for playing! ^^