Friday, August 2, 2019

Patreon Status Restored + Plans

Hi everyone,
On my last post I talked a warning given from patreon(the reason they noted the warning seems to be due to in-game "sexual violence"), but I now want to let everyone know that after altering some things on my page and deleting posts there, the status of my patreon page is now fully restored back to normal and it doesn't currently violate their community guidelines.  Click here if you want to see more details(from my last post).

My patreon is back to normal now, however, to avoid possibly violating any of patreon's TOS in the future, it's best if I don't post any images or links on the patreon page(violating images/links aren't allowed).  So I was thinking about how I could post new releases for my patrons.  The are 3 possible solutions I had come up with, but I have now decided on which one I believe I go with from now on.

It will be best if I kept patreon use to a minimum. Instead of posting download links on patreon, I will post them on this blog.  By this I mean, I will post the download links (containing files in password-protected zip files) on this blog.  I will only be posting the passwords to the zip files on patreon to avoid violating there TOS.  After about two weeks, I will post the password publicly on the blog so everyone can download the game.  Hopefully this will work out.
So basically everything will be the same, expect I will be posting passwords instead of download links on patreon.  All download links will be posted here on this blog from now on(but the files won't be publicly viewable until I post the passwords here about 2 weeks later).  I will release games like this from now on(The 1 week and 2 week early access rewards will still remain).

To my knowledge, I don't know if any similar site has the audience or trust that patreon has at the moment(patreon also has paypal for adult game developers, which is generally never an option for any adult developer).   However, someone suggested to me to use SubscribeStar, I don't really know much about this site or how you guys feel about it, but I have seen many adult game developers there.   I will look into it a bit more and maybe use it in addition to Patreon.  What do you guys think about SubscribeStar?

If you guys have any questions or suggestions please let me know below or by email.  Also, game development will continue like normal.

Thanks so much for your support everyone,
see you all later.

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