Wednesday, November 29, 2023

OM v0.25 is up

Hi everyone,

The Ovulating Maiden is up now for patrons.  You can view a some info about the update here.

Here is the download link for "OM v0.25":

Note, this file is password protected.  The password is up on patreon/subscribestar, for more info about this please click here.

-Here are the Patreon/SubscribeStar/Public Release dates-  
Very Early access: November 30th, Early access: December 7th, Public(on blog and anywhere else): December 14th

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see you all late

Monday, November 27, 2023

OM and MMD update 11/27

Hi everyone,

this is just a quick update.

Right now, I'm planning to release Ovulating Maiden v0.25 by the end of this month.  This will be a smaller update, with the biggest new things being a new erotic scene with a number of new erotic animations for Victoria, Lorelei and Shiri, as well as character sprites for Lela(the second-in-command guard of the freya resistance group on Luxira Justin's route) and little bit more storyline.  As well as more minor things such as larger character silhouette sprites and spelling/grammar fixes.

Since this is a smaller update to the story, so it will be call v0.25.

Also, I've posted 3 new erotic Miku Miku Dance(MMD) videos on my iwara this month, you can view them here: 

As well as 9 new MMD videos over the last 2 months on the youtube channel here:

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see you all later.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Ovulating Maiden - v0.20b


Hi everyone,

v0.20b of Ovulating Maiden is here (public release).  This update is on the smaller side and storyline goes to the birth of the second daughter, Seraphina.  It also has slightly more storyline for Luxuria Miyumi's story. You can also now set Minori's name at the beginning of the game.

Also, I had accidentally lost game files for this game and had to rebuild it, however end result has two copies of many of the files within the achieve compression file, which made the game way bigger than required.  So I have fixed this now, and rebuild the game files, and now the game is less than 1GB again. The game content is the same but the filesize is smaller than v0.20. This fixed version is now named v0.20b.  

You can download v0.20b below.


This game features full 1080p resolution with numerous erotic scenes and sex animations.  This includes the main storyline, as well as two bonuses.

This is a femdom/harem/pregnancy game where the idea is you're (being forced to) impregnating monster girls as the only conscious male in the world to save their clans, while also attempting to befriend other monster girl breeds as you meet them.

Here's the story of the game:

About 2 of every monster girl breed was saved from an unprecedented war that obliterated the humans, monster girls and goddesses.  Placed into unbreakable egg-like sleeping pods, the monster girls slumber.

Some time later, due to an unknown stimuli, 8 previously unbreakable egg-like pods crack open, one of which containing you.

While receiving a blowjob from an elf, you awaken to find that you're the only human male alive.  Additionally, you find out that due to a final blessing of the fertility goddess, monster girls can reach full-term pregnancy in about a day, and then the babies age can be accelerated to maturity just as fast.  Thus, possessing you means a monster girl can save her race by breeding with you and having her offspring breed with you.

Of the 7 living monster girls, you befriend the kind elves.  But will that really work out?  Can all the monster girls befriend one another, or will they seek war to posses you?  Can you trust any of the monster girls to protect you?  And what about all the monster girls sleeping endlessly within their pods?


You can download Ovulating Maiden - Demo v0.20b here:


If you would like to support me and the development of games like this, please consider becoming my patron on patreon or subscribestar.


That's all for now, 

But here are some screenshots/images of the game (after the jump---v):