Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Immoral Sorceress and Conception Maiden updates

Hi guys,

it's really been far, far too long since I last posted.  Sorry for being away for so long.  I have been busy, but I want you all to know I'm doing okay.   I also have some big updates for the two games in development below.

Immoral Sorceress:

All the dialog text for Immoral Sorceress is now complete, and I just needs to finish some clean up now, then I can release the completed version of the game(note it will be slightly longer than the last release).

Also, since around the end of October, I started developing a direct sequel to Immoral Sorceress, which uses a higher game resolution, higher resolution character renders, and higher quality models(with koikatsu. many of these models i created earlier this year). There is still quite a lot left to do, but ideally, I would be able to release a first build of this game by the end of January.  Also, been putting some IS images of it up lately on my baraag page.

IS game nears completion, all dialog is currently finished.

untitled IS sequel game work-in-progres screenshots


Conception Maiden:

----For awhile now, I've been thinking about rebuilding Conception Maiden once more, this time into a Renpy game(mainly by porting the dialog).  With Renpy, the game development speed and ease is way, way faster than anything else I've used and I think it might be a good fit for Conception Maiden since there is a lot I want to do with it. 

Game Maker Studio 2(what I'm currently using for Conception Maiden) is really great, but the game has become super complex on it(I would say it's the most complex game I've ever tried to create) and development speed is extremely slow.  But Conception Maiden seems like it might work extremely well as a visual novel style game on Renpy. 

----Also, around the earlier part of this year, I had started making a game in Renpy for fun called "Conception Maiden Luxuria" which depicted a "possible" future-beyond-the-future where Victoria has dominated most of the continent as queen & filled the lands with sexual depravity and pleasures, along with her overwhelming number of elf offspring(& the other monster girls).  As the decades past, the world becomes more depraved, the men are sex slaves, Minori's mind/body are irreversible defiled by her, and Victoria eventually begins to keep Minori between her breasts as part of her outfit. 

I never planned to release this originally but it has turned out pretty well, so I'm planning to combine the games "Conception Maiden" and "Conception Maiden Luxuria" into one game in Renpy.  This will be the new rebuild of Conception Maiden (and this should be easier to develop than even Immoral Sorceress, which uses RPG Maker, and will also be in full 1080p resolution).   Hopefully this isn't too disappointing that I'm planning to change the game into more of a visual novel style instead of the tactical rpg style it has been before.

  Screenshots from CM last release



 Conception Maiden Luxuria Screenshots 


 Victoria's transformation through the decades in Conception Maiden Luxuria



So in summary, the plan is hopefully release the completed version of Immoral Sorceress game by the end of this year.  
Then continue making the Immoral Sorceress sequel game, and also the new rebuild of Conception Maiden in Renpy which also contains the luxuria future arc.


Also thank you to everyone who currently or has supported on Patreon.  I will try to post more regularly on this blog again from now on.  I'll also be posting some images on my baraag page.

Um, that's all for now,
see you all later

Friday, February 18, 2022

CM character poll + Shiri preview

Hi everyone,

this is just a quick post.   I made a poll just for fun to vote on your favorite character in Conception Maiden.

CM Favorite character so far poll, click here if you would like to vote or see results:

EDIT, seems strawpoll wasn't registering any votes so I'm now using poll maker, if you voted before please vote one more time.

Also, here's a preview of Victoria's and Minori's daughter Shiri who will full appear in the next demo of CM(I've also posted a number of things of her on my pixiv previously):


Um, that's all for now,
See you all later.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Conception Maiden - Demo 4

Hi everyone,

Conception Maiden demo 4 is here(public release) and can be downloaded below. This demo is about 3 times longer than demo 3 was. There are a number of new h-scenes in the game(including animated scenes), adjustments to storyline, new characters, sprites and CGs, new maps, spelling/grammar fixes, and lots of little changes. You can also take screenshots now with the screenshot key.

Also note, the enemy AIs are in the process of being rebuilt to hopefully make them closer to boss fights like on games such as megaman X, so they will mostly not attack you on this demo(enemy AIs will probably be the focus of the next demo). 


Here's the story of the game(taken from an earlier post):

About 2 of every monster girl breed was saved from an unprecedented war that obliterated the humans, monster girls and goddesses.  Placed into unbreakable egg-like sleeping pods, the monster girls slumber.

Some time later, due to an unknown stimuli, 8 previously unbreakable egg-like pods crack open, one of which containing you.

While receiving a blowjob from an elf, you awaken to find that you're the only human male alive.  Additionally, you find out that due to a final blessing of the fertility goddess, monster girls can reach full-term pregnancy in about a day, and then the babies age can be accelerated to maturity just as fast.  Thus, possessing you means a monster girl can save her race by breeding with you and having her offspring breed with you.

Of the 7 living monster girls, you befriend the kind elves.  But will that really work out?  Can all the monster girls befriend one another, or will they seek war to posses you?  Can you trust any of the monster girls to protect you?  And what about all the monster girls sleeping endlessly in the pods?


This is a femdom/harem/pregnancy game where the idea is you're (being forced to) impregnating monster girls as the only conscious male in the world to save their clans, while also attempting to befriend other monster girl breeds as you meet them.

This game is a blend of tactical rpg and a simple fighting game.  The game is played in 3 different main modes:  Exploration mode, where you can walk around freely, Tactics mode, where you control a cursor to select and command units to move on a top-down map(similar to tactical games such as fire emblem), and Combat mode, where you control the character directly and fight the enemy in a  fighter/platformer-like view.


 You can download Demo 4 here:

UPDATE, (thanks to selius for reporting this win7 bug) the above version was build on windows 10 and seems to require windows 8 or higher OS to run.  But If you're using Windows 7, you can download the Windows 7 compatible version here:


 If you would like to support me and the development of games like this, please consider becoming my patron on patreon or subscribestar.



Exploration mode: Arrow keys - move character, Enter - Interact/Talk to others 
Tactics mode(on tactical maps): Arrow keys - move cursor, Enter - Select, X - cancel (You can also use the mouse in command mode) 
Combat mode(fighting): Arrow keys - move character, Z - Jump, X - Attack
On-screen messages can be progressed by pressing Enter, Space, or Left-Mouse Button.(Hold down to fast-scroll text)
Press Esc to bring up the menu(this only works when no one is talking). 


That's all for now.
But here are some new screenshots/images of the game(after the jump---v):

Monday, February 7, 2022

Immoral Sorceress wip teaser


Hi guys, 
this is just a preview image showing of some of the new models for a few of the characters in Immoral Sorceress. so far I've done new models for about 9 of the characters(I've also posted a little bit more on my pixiv).  
From left to right: Aura, Ellanora, Julia, Secretiona, and Marielle.  Aura in particular you may not remember if you played the game since she only appear in the bonus room at the end.  She will appear in the second village:

That's all for now,
see you all later.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Immoral Sorceress plans update

Hi everyone,

this is just a quick update.

With the new demo of Conception Maiden complete, I'm now shifting focus back to Immoral Sorceress.  For awhile I've been considering upgrading the graphics in IS to using koikatsu renders for higher quality CGs instead of the 3D Custom Girl CGs(partly because I've felt like I've about reached the limit of what could be done visually with 3D Custom Girl), and now decided to update the models(which will be used for the 2nd village onward).  And for this, since the Arc is just about completed, I though it might be a good idea to break up the game.

So for the game, right now the plan is break Immoral Sorceress into a two games.  The first game(Immoral Sorceress Part 1) will cover the Peach Village Corruption Arc and use the 3DCG graphics it already has now(no changes to CGs).  The second game will be a direct ongoing continuation of the first game, however it will use all entirely new CGs made with koikatsu models.

The great upside to this is much higher quality CGs onward, the downside however is that this means that I will probably scrape all the unused CGs and need to remake them in koikatsu, and also I will have to remake all the character models in koikatsu as well, which I'm not sure how long it will take.  For right now, I'm mainly focused on remaking the models for Julia, Ellanora, Secretiona, and Marielle who will have major roles in the second village(but i'm planning to remake the models of all the characters eventually).  So Immoral Sorceress Part 1(which is nearly completed already since peach village is already taken over) will probably be the last game I make using 3D Custom Girl CGs.


Here's an example of Julia's new model:

On the left is the original CG of Julia created in 3D Custom Girl, on the right is her new CG created with Koikatsu.

Depending on my free-time though, hopefully, I'm not expecting this to take too long, and I've already learned alot about model creation(though doing every character will still take quite awhile).  So, under extremely good conditions, I may have a new release for Immoral Sorceress by the end of this month, though I'm not sure right now.


Um, that's all for now,
see you all later

Monday, January 31, 2022

CM demo 4 is up

Hi everyone,

 Demo 4 is finally complete.  This demo is about 3 times longer than demo 3 was. There are also a number of new h-scenes in the game(including animated scenes), some adjustments to the storyline, new character sprites and CGs, new maps, spelling/grammar fixes, and lots of little changes. You can also take screenshots now with the screenshot key.

Here is the download link for CM demo 4: 

Note, this file is password protected.  The password is up on patreon/subscribestar, for more info about this please click here


Also, the enemy AIs are in the process of being rebuilt to hopefully make them closer to boss fights like on games such as megaman X, so they will mostly not attack you on this demo(enemy AIs will probably be the focus of the next demo). 


-Here are the Patreon/SubscribeStar Release dates-  
Very Early access: December 31th, Early access: Feburary 7th,  Public release(on blog and anywhere else): Feburary 14th.


That's all for now,
see you all later.