Saturday, November 2, 2019

Feedback for Patreon, SubscribeStar, Discord and About Me (Important)

Hi everyone,
I've made a very short survey about my patreon and possibly a discord channel.   I would grateful if you guys could try it here(I've posted much more about this below):
I thought I would talk about a few concerns and such below, but I will try to avoid making this too long.

Right now I am not able to develop games as anything more than a hobby(my free-time is usually limited), however something I've always longed to do for years now is to be able to develop hentai games full-time and I've been hoping that that might be possible through crowd-support with sites like patreon.

Something I've been wondering for awhile now though is how many people are interested in my games and if it would be possible for me to develop games full-time in the future.  In order for this to be possible though, I would need to be able to get enough to make a living with patreon, subscribestar or similar.

My patreon was original started in 2015 and was most active during the development of Girls x Lust and now with the development of Immoral Sorceress.  It has never been at a level that could be called successful during all that time(which does concern me), but still I am extremely grateful to anyone who has ever supported me there as this is a significant part of my motivation to keep making hentai games, along with my persistence and love for making them(but I am certainly grateful to fans who could not support me there as well).

Looking at things more recently on patreon, during the first demo release of Immoral Sorceress my patrons count stayed about the same, during the demo 2 release my patreon went up notably for about a month before balancing out(this is likely thanks to new fans from the new places the game was posted), and now between demo 2 and demo 3.1 releases my patreon has gone down (new patrons are very rare and I'm also losing patrons, also a few people pledge briefly to view patreon-only content before unpledging a short while later).
To summarize concerns related to patreon, despite everything I've done up to now, I haven't made much progress toward my goal of being able to make hentai games full-time with patreon and this can be disheartening at times.


Regardless of how successful my patreon has been though, I have always continued for my fans and because I love making hentai games.  I am not really concerned about becoming popular and I do not expect to become wealthy with patreon, However, I am concerted about the future, if my support never really grows, are people interested in playing my games(and will I ever be able to do this full-time)?  or maybe my rewards are too unreasonable on patreon.

My subscribestar page has now been approved but before I set up things there, I would greatly like to know what you guys think about my patreon and if my rewards are too much.  My subscribestar page will likely have the same rewards.

I am also wondering if you guys might like me to start a discord channel.  I have been considering it, however I may not be able to be active on it much, and more so, in real life I am a very shy and quiet person, so I do not know if you all would get bored of me.  However, I am willing to try discord if you guys would like for me to make one.

So for feedback for stuff relating to this, I've made a very short survey about my patreon and possibly a discord channel(at the link near the top), and I would be grateful if you guys can take a look at it.

Anyways, I do not mean to make anyone worry with this post, and game development will continue like always.

Um, that's all for now,
see you all later.

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