Friday, November 29, 2019

development update 11/29 + preview

Hi everyone,

I'm currently making the  demo #4 of immoral sorceress, however to make things faster, I may start making new demos(the new content) much smaller than in the past so you guys don't have to wait so long for each demo release.

 One of the particular things I did so far was create a few new characters.  I've posted two of them below(after the jump, click on post title to see).  Spoiler warning though, as this is tied to the future of the game's story.

These are two characters you'll meet in the second village(one of which was previewed in the bonus of the last demo) and will probably both play a major role in it.

Aura Arlington. A once incredibly wealthy girl who was disinherited by her family and sent to
live in a village with her uncle.  She is very jealous of the popular village girl who
has stolen the heart of a boy Aura was interested in.  She is also a fan of the high quality food produced at the local ranch.

Serena.  She is the little sister of Julia's follower, Marielle. She lives in the second village with Marielle's uncle.  I would rather not spoil too much about her for now though.


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Um,that's all for now,
See you all later.


  1. Alright! No nut November is over so it's time to try this new update! I've been excited about this for a while

  2. I played through the whole update; it was so good! I can't wait to see these sex scenes get cg in the future like Sophie's sex scenes, all three of them sounded great from her original corruption, to the lesbian tribbing scene, to the spanking scene. Even though it's only Demo 3 there has already been a lot of content that took me a while to play, and the story has been so satisfying to play. I'm so excited to see Secretiona more and to have Julia get back her penis! Even though some of the erotic scenes weren't really my fetish, and I felt a little uncomfortable some times it was really a great experience. I absolutely can't wait to see more. It's a hentai game that is really sexy but the story is really captivating me too. It honestly has the potential to be one of the best games ever. Man though, so rarely have I come out of a hentai game and been so interested in the story and what is going to happen next along with the erotic content; it's just a breathtaking game and it's only just beginning.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind word, they mean a lot to me. Secretiona will have an erotic scene soon, maybe in the next demo if I have enough free time. I will continue to develop this game and make it the best I can. Thanks again so much, and thanks for playing. ^^

  3. Is there any news about the game or discord?