Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Quick update for Immoral Sorcress 8/14

Hi everyone,
this is just a quick update. Immoral Sorcress development is continuing to progress, though I've had much less free time month until very recently, so it's development has been slower than I hoped.  However, I may still be able to finish the next demo this month.  If I'm able to finish it as planned, I will release demo 3 around the end of this month, but if i'm not able to finish all I want for demo 3 in time, I will instead release it as "demo 2.5" this month.

In other word, I'm planning to release either "demo 3" or "demo 2.5"(an incomplete version of demo 3) around the end of this month.  I hope you guys will look forward to it.

Um, that's all for now,
see you guys later.


  1. take your time, can't wait to see the next demo but i can wait a bit longer if needed, good job so far.

    1. Thank you. ^^ I'll try to release what I have in the next few hours.