Saturday, May 18, 2019

Untitled Corruption Game Demo 1 live on patreon

Hi everyone,
Recently, I started making a new h-game in-between making Conception Maiden.
For now, it has the name "Untitled Corruption Game", but I'll try to have a real name for it when I post it here on the blog.
This is different from the Desires of Persephone game chapter I posted(I had never really intended to post Desires of Persephone publicly), and instead it is more build around the idea of something that I might like to keep making for a long time, but is also far less complex to make than something like Conception Maiden.

This game has similarities to the Desires of Persephone chapter I posted as well as a game called "Village of Nightmare", though this game probably has even darker themes.

Here's a little bit about the game:
Seifer, a 66 year old criminal, uses the main fruit of his teacher's life research, "Young Maiden", to become a young girl.  Having also recently completed his own research on how to obtain unlimited mana, he now seeks to fulfill his desires for power, revenge, lust for beautiful girls, as well as regain the penis he lost from changing genders.  Through moral degeneration and corruption, he seeks to turn these girls into extremely loyal, horny followers.

Here are the Patreon demo Release dates, since this is a new game, I'll release it publicly sooner: 
Very early access: May 18th, Early access: May 21th, Public release(blog and anywhere else): May 24th

If you're wondering, before this, I wasn't sure if I should make a new game, however I haven't really released anything major yet this year and ideally I would like to be able to post new releases every month or so, like I did when I was making Girls x Lust.  This won't be possible with Conception Maiden right now partly due to it's complexity(and the foundation of it isn't complete yet) and my free-time, so I wanted to also do something smaller.  This new game is something I can make significantly faster, possibly even release every month like I did with Girls x Lust(if I have have enough free-time).  But please don't worry too much, Conception Maiden is still in development though and I'm hoping to release it's next demo sometime in the future as well.

This new game has some very dark themes, but if you are able to, please give it a try.
I will try to post more about this game once I release it on the blog. Thanks for your support everyone!

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.

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