Tuesday, April 17, 2012

15,000 pageviews and video playthrough

I looked at the status of my blog today and was surprised to find I had over 15,000 pageviews (including a lot even  from japan).  So I made this in about an hour to thanks to everyone.  Thanks everyone(including kyrieru for all the traffic).  ^^

Also I would like to thank vortex00 for posting a first impression playthrough video of sakurahime on his site. 
 You can view the video playthough(with audio commentary) here: http://www.spiralvortexplay.com/uploads/view.php?type=article&content=566f72746578506c6179732023332053616b75726168696d65
From the video it looks like I still have some stuff to fix, but don't worry I'm planning on trying to fix them all, likely by the next demo. ^^;

As for the game itself, it's slowly progressing(but I should have alot more time to make this soon) but it's still going to be awhile more before it's ready.  I've already done some more stuff like improving the zoom and the north-north side of the map where princess' castle/palace will be and done just alittle bit more on the storyline.  Now I'm focusing on things like fixing the collisions and then I may change the inventory system so that each item can have it's own values and I may make a map item to help you navagiate through the town.

Ok, that's all for now, see you later.