Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Himeji Demo

Hi guys,
This is something else I've made before, I wasn't originally planning on posting this, but since it's been awhile since I've posted any kind of demo, I thought I would post this if anyone was curious to see other things I've done(though this is completely different from what I usually do...^^; ), it's a demo I made when playing with rpgmakervx ace.

It's a sort of a horror-themed game about a yandere girl, which was based on a number of different things.
Though I'm not sure how well something horror-themed turned out in rpgmaker.  It doesn't have any h-scenes in though and it has one game over/bad end.  This demo is also really very short and I'm not really planning on finishing this game(at the moment at lease). ^^;  You can download it from the link below:

Also this game requires rpgmaker VX ACE run-time-package(If you don't already have it):

Also, there's no need to worry about the about sakurahime/maids perfect, I still planning on finishing both of them.  This is just something I post for fun I guess. ^^;

see you later.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sakurahime Progress Update

Hi guys,
Sorry I meant to post this much much sooner but I'm back now(also, this post maybe rather long). ^^;

First, about the zooming, I decided to use a 2-level zoom-in with both the 40% and 60% sprites since I both sizes seem kind rather nice for the game and the largest shows so much more details(I've also made a small program to help make resizing the sprites easier), so that means the game should be able to zoom-in at the current zoom-in level(40% sprites) and zoom-in once more(60% sprites) instead of just once like the current demo.  Also there will be an option to disable the second level zoom-in for older pcs so the game would only use the 40% sprites(which should require less memory).
Once I think that I think I've redone enough of the sprites for the larger zoom size I'll add the second level zoom into the game(so it probably won't be in the next demo...).
Hope the things I just said isn't too confusing.  ^^;

Though maybe not nearly as much as it should have by now, the game has made progress.  The game now has a working complex inventory system with items that have a more properties and can level up.  If you're curious, each item can now have all of the following:
name, description, image, type, effect, perversion, level, max level, next level, sell price and buy price.
Each party member also have more individual values as too(over 30 total..).
This will also require the save files to change a little bit, though I'm not sure if this will break the compatibility with older save files yet or not...

I've also been doing more with the platforming, here's some examples below(Warning, possible spoilers below)(click on image for full-size):

The Coddlers(like all Shimaians) will lust for males, but they don't want to harm the males.  When they see one they will try to make the male lose his weapon, and they will use their umbras to defend against attacks and use it make the male drowsy, afterwards, if it's there's no other enemies around they will take off his armor/clothes and force the male to have sex with them(they may also just immediately pounce on the male if he's unarmed).  After they have sex, someone in the party can leave to carry the male back to Shimai or they can leave the male there on the ground for the moment(but sleepiness will wear off at some point), O-dobi will  also be able to interrupt/stop them(um, I'll likely go into more detail about this on another post):

also for platforming I've added things to O-dobi like crouching and climbing abilities, so O-dobi can climb things like vines and ladders now ^^ :

They're will also be a secret area in the game featuring some platforming that will be more difficult than normal.  You will get something special if you manage to make it to the top:

 I've also started a world map, so there will also be different places in the game aside from Shimai, here's what the world map looks like so far:

O-dobi also has an alternate outfit now which I already have animated in the game(though it probably won't be seen in the next demo):

 I've also done things like the inside of a few houses, though the sprites I used have to be stretched alot, so I may try to use completely different sprites/tiles if I can find any.  (though I'm not sure right now if you'll be able to go inside houses in the next demo just yet..^^; )

Um, as for the battle system stuff I'll probably go into more detail about that later.
Also I now have just about everything I need to do a wider variety of fetishes as well as birthing scenes.
Aside with what I said in my earlier posts I also plan on adding:
- sound separated into 3 categories(so you can set the volumes of each): voices, sound effects, and music.
- game CGs images which will be pictures taken by the Shimaians that you can get. 

Um, that's all for now, see you later.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

zooming and scaling

Hi guys,
Um, hopefully the following things I say won't be too confusing...
Since they're going to be so many girls sprites and stuff in the game I thought it would be a good to to have them saved as files outside of the game so they won't always be in memory, so I recently started exporting the character sprites outside the game.  Basically, the idea is loading/unloading sprites "on the fly" between areas which should (hopefully) improve the game's performance on older pcs quite a bit and lower the game's system requirements(it would seem the problem was caused by higher memory usage).  As of right now, it can do this without any noticeable speed slowdown.

But instead of just exporting the sprites, I thought I would use improved quality versions by recapturing all the girls and resizing them(like I did on my other post).  And since I'm going to have the sprites as files outside of the game, I think it would be also be possible to increase the quality even more:

About sprite-size and zooming:
Above are 3 images re-sized from a 3DCG snapshot to a smaller size for the game.  Currently the game only uses character images shrink down to 40% of the original scale(like in the image above).   However, I think it's now possible to use a bigger sprites(like the 51% or 60% scale).  But in order to use a larger image, the game must zoom-in more or the character's scale compared to the map would be off.  So the larger the image, the fewer of the surrounding you can see while zoomed-in(like you'll see less girls because the camera is zoomed-in on one character so much, though I guess zoom-in is suppose to focus on fewer characters...).

good things about using larger sprites:
-clearer character sprites and of what's going on
-the more you zoom-in the faster the game may run due to less drawing(though larger images may cancel this out)

not so good things about using larger sprites:
-can't see as many girls/surroundings while zoomed-in
-requires more from the computer

I'm wondering what you guys think about the current zoom and about if I should increase it even more.
I could use the larger 60% scaled sprites, but I rather liked being able to see a little bit more of your surroundings while zoom in.
I could also go in-between that and the current 40% and use (around) 51% scaled sprites for a bit more quality, showing a bit more of the surroundings.
Or I could just keep it at the current nice 40% sprites.
Another idea which I'm considering, is using 2 zooms, zoom-in once to the 40% sprite and then be able to zoom-in again to 60% sprites, I rather like this idea because it keeps the current zoom of the game and add another one too, but if I did use this I'll to have shrink and save each image twice(one 40% and one 60%).

Here's an example below:
The current zoom-in(40% sprites):

When your viewing the game zoomed-in, you will see the characters(at the size of the 40% scale sprites) clearly like that, and when not zoomed-in the game just uses autoscaling to figure out how to draw the sprites.

And now with a larger (60% sprites) zoom-in:

If you're wondering, I originally decided to on 40% sprites because there was going to be so many girls and I guess it seemed like a nice size. Anyways I haven't decided just yet on what to do about the sprite size but I'll let you'll know soon on what I decide since I need to get this before I can put anymore sprites into the game.
Since this game is so visual, I would like to spend alot of time with the graphics too. ^^;
But the most important part of the game though is the probably the gameplay itself.

Um, that's all for now, see you later

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

15,000 pageviews and video playthrough

I looked at the status of my blog today and was surprised to find I had over 15,000 pageviews (including a lot even  from japan).  So I made this in about an hour to thanks to everyone.  Thanks everyone(including kyrieru for all the traffic).  ^^

Also I would like to thank vortex00 for posting a first impression playthrough video of sakurahime on his site. 
 You can view the video playthough(with audio commentary) here:
From the video it looks like I still have some stuff to fix, but don't worry I'm planning on trying to fix them all, likely by the next demo. ^^;

As for the game itself, it's slowly progressing(but I should have alot more time to make this soon) but it's still going to be awhile more before it's ready.  I've already done some more stuff like improving the zoom and the north-north side of the map where princess' castle/palace will be and done just alittle bit more on the storyline.  Now I'm focusing on things like fixing the collisions and then I may change the inventory system so that each item can have it's own values and I may make a map item to help you navagiate through the town.

Ok, that's all for now, see you later.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress update

 Hi guys, been a bit busy lately but i've also been making progress with the game.  I was having some collsions bugs earlier but in what might be called a "break-through" I finally figured out how to get platform collisions perfect by using something called masks(which I figured out while playing a certain platformer.).  This fixes it to the point that I can say the for sure that the next version will have platforming in it. ^^

I also noticed that the sprites could be even better quality when I shrink them, resulting in an even better quailty O-dobi than the current version(though I may not be that easy to tell....).


To make them look better, I render the models in higher quailty on my desktop, then I basically used paint to shrink the sprites(paint for windows 7 resized the sprites really well, even better than photoshop CS3 it seems) but then I also have edit around the edges of each sprite to remove a thick grayscale(as in sligthly different gray colors) boarder that paint creates(basically the gray background color fuses with the edges of the character's sprite when shrinked).  Paint doesn't have a transparent color option and photoshop creates semi-transparency around the edges when you shrink an image, so I'm not sure how to get around this if there is a way to(anyone have a suggestion?)...

However, I may likely try to do this with all the girls, but doing this requires extra editing on each sprite(which could take awhile for over 100 girls), so for now I've just redone the major characters and I'll probably be doing the game at this quailty from now on.

In other news, I re-did the walk animation and added a run animation, but this time looking very closely at real walking/running animations(this took abit longer than I though but it pretty well).  So now O-dobi can walk as well as run. ^^

Here's 2 updated lists of things I'm thinking about for the game:

Things that will(eventually) be in the game:
- walking/running with new animations
- able to go inside houses, expanded map, more events, more storyline, more girls(as always XD)
- platforming
- request board (to do request for individual shimaians)
- at lease 2 alternate outfits and equip-able equipment(with clothing possibly in layers)
- pregnancy/birth system
- customizable keys/controls with joypad support

Things that might(eventually) be in the game:
-  destroyable/leveling up inventory items
- a very light farming system
- fishing
- day/night system(not sure about this yet but I like the passage of time idea)
- weather system
- external sprite loading to improve speed

Um, that's all for now, see you later.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Platforming Elements

I've been making the actual platforming for the game lately and it seems to be turning out pretty well.  Right now she has the basic walk, jump/land ability.  I'm also planning on giving her the ability to push and maybe lift things, and I'm going to redo her walk animation(so her hair and clothes move too) and give her a run animation/ability as well.  Once I have all the basic stuff working I'll probably start making the H-actions. Anyways, here's an early image of what it looks like so far(click image for full-size):

Basically it's O-dobi and a party member(yes a coddler) in a forest-like setting.

On a side note, I've also started working on the inside of houses, so you will probably be able to go in house in the next demo.

see ya later

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sakurahime info

Recently I posted an updated version of the sakurahime demo, but there is alot to be said about this game so I though I would post some more info about it here:
As I said before, for main type of gameplay, it will be top-down rpg/side-scrolling platformer, basically I'm thinking something like an rpg with Tales of Symphonia type battles(but battles are very based on sexual actions), platforming, and also very free-roaming but with a main story. Adventures of Garnet also inspired me in ways for this game. Ideally, I want a huge town with 100's of unique looking girls and lot of events.

The game takes places in 2 different worlds, this one and theirs. There are 4(or 5 maybe) major countries in their world, one of which in particular is named Shimai(which means "Sisters").
It is a country full of girls(known as Shimaians).

The girls there are very nice people who don't want to harm anyone, but at the same time they are also extreme perverts with desires for sex that normal humans couldn't handle. On average, each girl is 5 times stronger than a human. They also never really get old and have a far longer life span than a human.
A few of the girls(the lucky ones) own a male as property or even a male harem.

The girls enjoy being naked all the time over wearing clothes, so only the nobles and other special people bother to wear clothing.
They enjoy having sex with each other, even in public, and especially with males. They dream of having a male harem and usually have perverted things on their mind.

The Shimaians "try" not to harm their males. They value their males but even more so they tend to value sex very highly and occasionally "break"(meaning literally rape to death) one.
Punishment for "breaking" a male is usually having to wear a chastity belt for a day.

Important to note that they only give birth to females, so they have to take males from our world. (and the way to get to this world is through a portal, but they rarely appear and appears in different places each time when they do.).
Males are less than 10% of their population and the girls always desire more(the girls can have sex with males all day, but of course the males can't handle that.)

Shiami is ruled by Princess Uetto and she can usually be seen with her male harem and sometimes her best friend, the priestess.

In this world, there is a girl named O-dobi. She is kind of tough, hates guy and perverts(though she's not a lesbian), and overprotective of her best friend Mimi.
She also has best friend named Alice. She is shocked when a very tall girl, with angle-like wings and a tail, and wearing only a skirt appears in her school from a something that looks like a portal.....
(That's all of the storyline I'll reveal for now, but basically O-dobi ends up getting stuck in the other world.)

For more about the game, feel free to visit the sakurahime discussion thread here:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hi Everyone, First Post

Hi everyone,
I'm pizzacat(also known as pizzacatmx), I've been posting my h-games on forums and decided to make a blog for them.   This blog is mainly for Sakurahime(and Maids Perfect too I suppose). 
About the games, for the girl sprites I use 3DCG, which is a 3D model program where you can make custom 3D cel-shaded anime-style girls and pose them anyway you want to.  

There are current 2 games, the first is called maids perfect which is an rpg with adventure/cg/mini-game type gameplay made with rpgmaker, which is a gamemaking program that lets you create rpg(and non-rpg using other tricks) type games.

I originally only thinking it would to be a short game to try out rpgmaker but alot of people seem to like it so it's till ongoing(and I'll make it until it's finished), it has the first 4 chapters complete so far.

As I posted on the forum the story is: You've recently inherited your late uncle's fortune, including a large mansion. But upon arrival, you relies that the maids there aren't normal, your uncle had some crazy plans to create an ideal maid, which he called the "perfect maid", and now you're being forced to participate in a ceremony to summon the demon of lust.

 The other much game which is a much bigger project is called Sakurahime(which was recently updated 3 days ago).   There's alot to it, but basically it's about a world filled with perverted beautiful naked girls that owns males as property, and males are less than 10% of the population.  The game takes place in two world, this one and theirs. 
The game is made using gamemaker, which is a program for making games, though it doesn't really have anything setup for making rpgs so you would have to make it from scratch.
 The game also has alot of sprite sex and it has large sprites. (so I recommend a fairly fast computer for playing this game.)

The main idea for gameplay is top-down rpg/side-scrolling platformer(though platforming in the game at the moment), basically I'm thinking something like an rpg with Tales of Symphonia type battles but very based on sexual actions, platforming, and also very free-roaming but with a main story. Ideally, I want a huge town with 100's of unique looking girls and lot of events.  So far, I really like how the game has been turning out.

 I've post the download links for both games on the up left part of this blog, enjoy.

see you later