Thursday, June 27, 2019

Immoral Sorceress demo 2 release date

 Hi everyone,

I have now finished all the dialog and eventing for demo 2 of Immoral Sorceress.  This has quite a lot of new content, from just the "pictures" folder, they have increased from about 250 total in demo #1 to about 600 total in the new demo #2(More than double, most of these are character CGs.  note though, all CGs aren't used).  One of the new h-scenes will also have CGs.

However, in the current state, I would like to spend about 3 more days going over all the dialog and adjusting a few things.  So, I am planning to release Immoral Sorceress Demo #2 on July 1st, 2019.  I hope you guys will look forward to it!

That's all for now,
see you soon.


  1. I am definitely looking forward to it!

  2. Can't keep waiting!!

  3. Thanks guys! It should be up within the next few hours.