Tuesday, October 29, 2019

SubscribeStar page

Hi everyone,
Not too long ago I created a SubscribeStar page as an extra option for anyone who might like to support me using that site. 

You can go to my SubscribeStar page here: https://subscribestar.adult/pizzacatmx

Note though, my profile there is still currently under review there so no one can support me there just yet, however they recommended that I link to my subscribestar now from my site. 
I am planning to have same rewards there as I do on currently on patreon.  I will let you guys know when the SubscribeStar page becomes fully active. 

Also note, this won't affect my patreon page, so anyone who would like to support me on patreon please free feel to go ahead.  I am planning to hopefully have both Patreon and SubscribeStar as options for anyone who would like to support me.

EDIT:  My SubscribeStar page is now active.  Please feel free to support me there now if you would like to.

That's all for now,
See you all later.

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