Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Important: Need help, Patreon warning

EDIT2:  Patreon status is now fully restored(see bottom of this post), so please feel  free to support me there now if would like to.  Game development will continue like normal.

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Everyone, I have some bad news.
Yesterday patreon sent me the following email:

I am not sure what to do about this, regardless of the size of my patreon, it has been a great source of motivation for me.  If you guys have any suggestions on what I should do please let me know.  My content can get on the more extreme side at times, but I've always thought of them as just fiction and a fun and wonderful way I can explore my creativity freely.  To my knowledge, warning messages similar to the one above has been sent to many adult game developers over time.
Patreon wants me to update the page for their community guidelines, so I will probably have to remove all links and images from the patreon page and change a few things.  One option I was thinking was instead of have the patreon for supporting the h-games, I would just have the patreon for supporting me directly(this is a free site, so this site itself isn't funded by patreon).  However, I do not know if most people would want to support my patreon like that if I can't post (temporarily) exclusive things there.
Again, I am at a lost at what to do, any help or suggestions you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Please comment below, or send me an email or message.

EDIT: It seems my account is still active to the public but it now has the following warning: "In the interest of keeping Patreon a safe place for everyone, the Trust and Safety team may apply a temporary suspension to your page if we don't hear from you.".  I will trying removing things from my patreon.

EDIT2(8/1/2019):  The status of my patreon is now fully restored to normal I've changed things on my patreon page like my banner(I was told to change this) and deleted the possibly violating posts that patreon probably sent the original email about.  I also deleted about 90% of all my patreon posts, removed the images on my tiers, and any links from the page to make sure the page doesn't violate their TOS(all the post with nsfw images or links where deleted).  Here is the last email they've sent me:

For anyone who's worried about the future, I believe I have worked out a plan that will hopefully still let me use patreon without violating their TOS.  So please feel free to go ahead and use patreon to support me if any of this was stopping you.  I will make a new detailed post on this blog about my plans for the future within the next few days, so please keep an eye on this blog.
Also, thanks to any of you guys who messaged me or tried to help me since I made this post.

I love you everyone,
thank you so much.


  1. As you said, I think you could just use patreon for supporting you directly. As for the content maybe you could post only the links in patreon?

    1. Yea, that is one option. I can't post any links on patreon because of there TOS, however I think I may have now come up with a few solutions that will still let me use patreon. I will make a new post about my plans very soon. Thank you very much for your suggestion. ^^