Sunday, April 30, 2017

Throwing and Shifting Views

Hi everyone,

Amaisei has been progressing fairly well lately. 

Recently, I've added button-operated moving-platforms. By using these, Saori can reach new areas or set objects on the movable platforms to carry objects for her in ways that wouldn't normally be possible.  Alot of new game bugs related to the moving platform came up after I created it, so one of the main things I've been doing lately with the game was debugging the movable platforms as along with more general debugging.  It took awhile, but all the main bugs should be fixed now.

One big change in the gameplay is that Saori now walks slower when carrying heavy objects and can't jump as high with them.  This changes the gameplay greatly and makes the maps more challenging to solve.  For example, a platform that Saori can normally jump to might impossible to reach while carrying a heavy object because Saori won't be able to jump as high.

 Saori aiming toward the mouse

Another new feature is that Saori can now throw objects at when she's wearing a thrower's bracelet.  I've also just added an advance aiming system that show a guide before throwing so you know exactly where the object will land.

 maps can now shift the view horizontally and vertically (click image for full-size)

Another one of the special features is that it is now possible for the camera view to smoothly shift to different regions, making it possible to have larger maps and more complex layouts.  The camera is met to stay at fixed points in this game to make it easier to use the mouse but it is also possible follow Saori directly in a very smooth manner.

I will post a playable build of game on my patreon soon, but before I post it publicly, I would like to make more puzzles, sexual interactions, and create more tiling assets and backgrounds for the game(if you look at the gifs above, they are basically in testmaps with black placeholder tiles).

If everything goes as planned, the game should ready to post a playable version here sometime next month(in May).

That's all for now,
See you later.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

H-Anime Music Videos

Hi everyone,

About a week ago, I posted some fan-made hentai-anime music videos I put together awhile ago on my youtube page just for fun.  These were created by combining clips from hentai-anime with music.

You can view all the others ones I did on my youtube page here.

See you all later.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More about Amaisei

 By wearing a special bracelet, Saori has the ability to climb, but be aware of dangers.

Hi everyone,

Most of the following is a repost from my patreon:
I've been making a lot of progress more recently.  Saori(the elf girl) now has a fully functional birth cycle.  This cycle is now displayed as a gui on the upper-left side of the screen next to her female reproductive system.

Please take a look at this new demonstration video showing how to defeat an ancient weapon and solve the puzzle: AmaiSei Demonstration 2.mp4

The video above shows a number of new things as well as things I may not have talked about yet.  The objective of the puzzle for Saori to take the diamond-shaped item to back to you(the player inside the eternal bubble).  Saori is able to use this item once to teleport both of you short distances(like to the next map).  Also, normally Saori can't climb walls due to her pregnancy, but if she wears an item called a climber's bracelet(the item she collects in the video), she will be strong enough to climb up walls while on the map.

On this map though, there is something called an ancient weapon that will shoot any living thing that gets in it's sight, making it impossible for Saori to just walk up to the diamond-shaped item.  Saori also can't climb up from behind it because of the ledge. To solve this, Saori will have to birth a monster to help her.  The next 3 monsters she can give birth to is hinted in the upper-left of the screen as 3 egg cells.  When an egg is fertilized, it will appear as a monster inside her uterus.

The green monster she gives birth to on this map is called a PlantCrawl, it is a simple monster that has very good climbing/scaling abilities and loves to eat certain foods.  When Saori births it, it will try to crawl around every wall it comes in contact with.  In the puzzle, it crawls it's way to the ancient weapon, which shoots the PlantCrawl at point blank range.
The explosion from the attack destroys both the PlantCrawl and the ancient weapon.  It should be noted though, the direction Saori is facing when giving birth is important here, if Saori was facing right, the PlantCrawl would have climbed up the platform from the left side and got shot by the ancient weapon before the PlantCrawl could get close enough.

So basically, you have to decide on your moves carefully to solve the puzzles.
Also, about the birth cycle,  on each game map, Saori can give birth to specific monster(s) for that map(if she has sex first).  What she can give birth to is hinted by the monster egg cells on the upper left(this is basically her birth cycle).

Here is a list of many of features the game has now: 
Short storyline intro
Lots of handmade sprites(and some backgrounds, all made from scratch)
autotiling system(tiles are joined automatically in a way similar to rpg maker)
powerful eventing system(making it very easy to make events)
custom collision system
Saori will attempt to follow your orders
ability to walk and jump
ability to carry certain items
Saori now has a birth cycle
ability to climb platforms(with climber's bracelet)
ability to have sex and give birth to monsters(animation speed now changes as she has sex and birth fluid is released while birthing)
text/message box system
game text is stored externally(now in a style similar to ren'py's, text system was rewritten twice).

There are a lot of different ideas for types of monster she can give birth to, though i'm not sure how many will make it into the game.  Some ideas include a monster that can create wormhole shortcuts(in a way similar to a game called Portal), a monster that can create a grapple connected to the celling and swing Saori on them, and a monster that shoots a ball that will get bigger and bigger as it roll in the snow(giant snowball)(note that all of these are just ideas).

Also, the male in the video was already naked on the ground, but in the future I plan to make it so Saori can disable the male(Saori might do this using a butt attack) and strip him of his clothes before having sex.

That's all for now,
see you all soon.

Friday, April 14, 2017

New Project Reveal: AmaiSei - Ovulating Orifice

Hi everyone,

In the earlier part of February, a started developing a puzzle/platforming game that focuses on the interactions between a pregnant elf girl and the player.

The elf girl (named Saori) was violated by a special parasite, turning her body into a living nursery for birthing monsters.  Saori is a kind, polite and somewhat lecherous elf girl who agrees to help the player under the condition that he becomes her permanent sexfriend afterwards.

When Saori has sex with someone, a monster egg cell inside of her will get fertilized and she can give birth to the new monster.  By using the abilities of the monsters she births, as well as her own skills and the players, you will be able to solve the game's puzzles.  You(the player) basically interact with Saori and the world with the computer mouse.

Unlike any of my other games, I will be creating all of the art myself from scratch, so all of this game's art will be original.  I've never publicly shown any of my handdrawn art before, but I hope it is to you guys liking, the art above is a main visual made by me for the game.  The in-game art is done in pixel art.  I am planning to do all sprite sex with frame-by-frame animation hopefully.

Please take a look at the concept video of the game here (or alternately you can download the High Quality version here)

And also here's a still screenshot of the game

When I started making this game, I planned for it to be a simple 2 week project to complete, but I quickly realized it would need much more time(especially if I draw all the art).  Depending on if I expand the idea anymore, it could take months more to finish the game.  Right now, this game is still in early development.


Here's some more specifics and how the story starts:

The player wakes up trapped inside a sphere-like object(called an Eternal Bubble), inside a large dark room. The player realizes he has no memories of the past.
A kind elf girl(Saori) also is inside the room, and she tells him that they fell in through the roof(his bubble broke her fall), and that the people above throw people who are unwanted down into the room(which is part of a labyrinth) to die.

Saori was banished due to parasitic monster raping her and irreversibly turning her body into a living nursery.

She doesn't know why you were banished, but she says it must be really bad if you're inside that bubble and that you will eventually run out of air. She tries to help you and is able to unlock a special power within you similar to telekinesis. Using this power(this is basically the player using the mouse), you and her must work together to escape and find out exactly what's happening in world.

This is mainly the idea of the game now, there are some newer stuff but I'll post them later.  So what do you think guys?  Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback. I will be posting more on this game here as I develop it. ^^

Also, if you would like to support my development of stuff like this, please feel free to check out my patreon here:

Also(after asking my patrons), my Patreon Tiers have now been updated!

That's all for now,
see you all soon!