Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dating Simulation and Poll results

Hi everyone,
Recently I've been making 2 games lately, the first one is the main one I've posted about before, for now it's temporary title is Broken Hymn.  I hold off details about this game for a little bit longer.

The second game is an rpgmaker game that is a more of a small experiment I've started a few days ago.  I haven't given it a name yet though.  It's kind of something I've thought about making a lot before, the idea of a date simulation game.  I've just started making it but it's kind of like a harvest moon game but instead of being focused on farming it's focused on dating and it also has elements of Artificial Girl/Academy.   The general story of it right now is the main character meets a girl who was suppose to be executed because she was suspected of being a witch.

The main character frees her, however he gets "caught into her web" in the process.   She gives the main character a "blank" girl and says that she can become the girl of your dreams, but first you will have to date others girls and make them fall in love with you to collect their traits.  The more a girl falls for you, the more personality traits you'll be able to collect and then you can "imprint" the ones you want into the "blank" girl.

The idea of the game is to create your ideal girl by collecting the traits of other girls.  In order to do this, you must improve your relationship with other girls by talking to them, giving gifts, going on dates,  having sex and such.   You can become a Boyfriend/Girlfriend couple but the girl can become very jealous if she sees you with another girl and will breakup with you/hurt you(depending on the personality/traits). 

The game has a time/day/night system and a basic working route system throughout the day(planning to make this more complex).
I've did a test with rpgmaker to see what possible and as of right now it looks like I'll be able to do everything I want with it.
(improving a relationship on a testmap)

Right now, the personality are all scripted into the game and all the text is stored outside of the game so it can be used by anyone ingame(note that for this game I'm using my own scripts as well as a number of ones I've found made by others.).
Once you meet someone inside the game, there name will be added to the relationship menu,
which will show all the relationships you have.

For getting a trait I was thinking, you can get the girls eyes, clothes(you maybe able to buy), hair style, hair color and maybe the basebody.  At a higher level relationship you can get the actual personality traits.  For example Mona's personality is "sweet" and some of her traits are "low needs", "easily aroused" and "clumsy"(this is just to give you a general idea since this will probably change later). 
The sprites/faces for most of the girls are generated while the game is running, so it's possible to give them different expression depending on their mood.
Here's an example of customizing the "blank" girl (hair only in this example, on a testmap):
As for sex in the game, it will be sprite sex, with you likely being able to control the speed and cum.  Depending on the relationship and what the girl wants, different sex position will be available, improving your relationship/increasing the girl's sexual interest/doing a good job during sex can possibly help make more available. 

Um, well that's the basic idea of the game right now.  However, note that you can say my main focus is on the other game right now(I've done far more with that), so it's likely that you will see a demo of that game before you see a demo this one(I most only have the system working for this game right now).  ^^;

Um, while ago a I started a small poll for the favorite maids perfect character.
I've meant to post the results sooner but oddly the counts on the poll all rested back to 0 for awhile.

Here are the results to the poll:
The poll was up for about 20 days with 44 votes total

3rd(or rather 4th) place:  Lili with 4 votes
2nd place: tie between Elly and Hana with 7 votes
1st place: Mimi with 23 votes

Mimi is the winner!   Sorry if yours didn't win, thanks for voting everyone.  ^^

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.