Sunday, March 23, 2014

Maids - Perfect v1.0

 Maids - Perfect is completed! ^^

The game now contains 5 chapters, a epilogue and a bonus.

Though the game is called version v1.0, it's not actually twice as long as the last version, but I named it 1.0 since it's completed now and since I originally had planned to keep this as a kind of short game like is now.

Here's some info about the game(some details reposted):

This is my first full h-game using rpgmaker.  The gameplay of the game is focused on adventure/mini-games/cgs.

H-scenes were made using 3dcg. I've tried to correct any spelling error I've found, hopefully I got most of them(I've even made a rpgmakervx spellchecker to help me as I type). ^^'

You've recently inherited your late uncle's fortune, including a large mansion. But upon arrival, you relies that the maids there aren't normal, your uncle had some crazy plans to create an ideal maid, which he called the "perfect maid", and now you're being forced to participate in a ceremony to summon the demon of lust.

Update: bug fixed, and fixed version now named Maids - Perfect v1.0a


You can download the full game here(RTP included):

Or if you already have the RPGMaker VX ACE RTP installed on your computer, you can download just the game itself here:

Also if anyone wants the game's CG collection(containing all the CGs used in the game), you can download it here:

Unfortunately, since the game now runs on rpgmaker vxace, the older save files won't
be compatible, but if you want to start at the beginning of chapter 5, you can with the savefile below, please
download it and place it in the game's folder and load it to start from chapter 5:

Please feel free to comment as I enjoy reading what you'll post.  ^^
Also please let me know if there are any bugs/errors/problems you have and I will try to fix them.

 Also, you maybe wondering what I'll make next, I'll be posting about that soon (though if you have any suggestions or if there's something specific you want me to make next, feel free to post about them in the comments.). ^^

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.


  1. i found the first glitch when you get ouyt of the inn and you are following elly she get stuck with the guy that say Ummm and cant seem to find a way to break that

  2. Yeah found the same bug too - Can't progress beyond it. Elly is leading you to a shrine and a guy with purple hair is in the way.

  3. Thanks for the bug report, I fixed the game and uploaded it as Maids - Perfect v1.0a. ^^

    Sorry for the trouble everyone, I test played the early part of the game originally but didn't play through the whole game after it was completed.
    However, I've just tested play through the entire game just now and fixed that bug, the game should now be fully playable. ^^;

  4. Yes! another game for my collection!
    I really love rpg h games, and yours looks so awesome,
    I'm gonna have some fun with it on friday, thank you for making it x3

  5. Hi, thx for the game is very good!I have a doubt, in the unused stroyle part of the bonus just has bad ending?

    1. Thanks glad you liked it,
      Um, yea the unused storyline just bad ending, I was going to
      maybe use it as part of the main storyline if the game was longer but decided to keep the game short like I had originally planned. ^^;

  6. Hey, for some reason Chrome AND Avast see this as malicious. Any idea on why that is?

    1. I tried what you said and it looks like there maybe a problem with mediafire, as a lot of there popups are not safe(if you try to download a different file from mediafire there's a high chance of you still getting a malicious popup).
      Did you notice any popup after clicking on button on the mediafire page(note though, depending on your chrome settings it may detect/block it before you even get to see it.) Sorry, I don't usually use chrome so I didn't notice this until now, also try checking to make sure your popup blocker is working correctly.
      However, the zip file itself is safe and there is no malware inside it, it's just an normal rpg maker vxace game, if you scan the file with avast after you download it, it should come up clean. I hope this helps, no one had mentioned the this problem before(had over 3000 downloads) so I wasn't aware. Here is a download mirror if you rather:!6A4DXI7Y!cIlY53fhbojuO5_qMwt8YRO8sVlJxjBvGVmuE1cmVkI
      If you guys want, I will try to use a different filehost from now on.
      Um, is anyone else having trouble with the download?

  7. Played the game for Lili but didn't see a route for her sadly. Good storyline though making you feel for the other maids with Jake. Would have love to see one.

  8. I can't seem to find any futa :(