Saturday, March 18, 2023

Ovulating Maiden character poll 1

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick post.  I made a character poll for Ovulating Maiden just for fun, where you can vote for your character in the first release.  There are actually quite a bit of characters currently in the game.  

You can vote here:




Also, I'm planning to release the first demo of "Immoral Sorceress: Ecstasy" (the sequel to immoral sorceress) sometime before the end of this month, once it is ready.

That's all for now, 

see you all later.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Ovulating Maiden - v0.10


Hi everyone,

this is the first release(public release) of Ovulating Maiden.  Ovulating Maiden is a new rebuild based off the game Conception Maiden, using ren'py(OM also has notably more content story-wise than CM did), which I posted more about here.  You can basically call Conception Maiden the prototype for this new game(though that wasn't it's original intention).


This game features full 1080p resolution with numerous erotic scenes and sex animations.  This includes the main storyline, as well as two bonuses.

This is a femdom/harem/pregnancy game where the idea is you're (being forced to) impregnating monster girls as the only conscious male in the world to save their clans, while also attempting to befriend other monster girl breeds as you meet them.

Here's the story of the game(taken from an earlier post):

About 2 of every monster girl breed was saved from an unprecedented war that obliterated the humans, monster girls and goddesses.  Placed into unbreakable egg-like sleeping pods, the monster girls slumber.

Some time later, due to an unknown stimuli, 8 previously unbreakable egg-like pods crack open, one of which containing you.

While receiving a blowjob from an elf, you awaken to find that you're the only human male alive.  Additionally, you find out that due to a final blessing of the fertility goddess, monster girls can reach full-term pregnancy in about a day, and then the babies age can be accelerated to maturity just as fast.  Thus, possessing you means a monster girl can save her race by breeding with you and having her offspring breed with you.

Of the 7 living monster girls, you befriend the kind elves.  But will that really work out?  Can all the monster girls befriend one another, or will they seek war to posses you?  Can you trust any of the monster girls to protect you?  And what about all the monster girls sleeping endlessly within their pods?


You can download Ovulating Maiden - Demo v0.10 here:

If you would like to support me and the development of games like this, please consider becoming my patron on patreon or subscribestar.

That's all for now, 
But here are some screenshots/images of the game (after the jump---v):

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

OM v0.10 is up

Hi everyone,

The official name of Conception Maiden rebuild is now Ovulating Maiden.  This is the first official release of this. This contains everything the February release did, plus the all new Luxuria storyline.

Note this release does not include the extra "Luxuria" since I still want to adjust the text/story on that a little bit more, but I'm planning another version this month that also includes the Luxuria storyline.

Since this is behind the schedule I was hoping to go with (and I didn't do the last one publicly), I'll also release this one publicly sooner.

Here is the download link for "OM v0.10":


Note, this file is password protected.  The password is up on patreon/subscribestar, for more info about this please click here.

-Here are the Patreon/SubscribeStar/Public Release dates-  
Very Early/Early access: March 1th, Public(on blog and anywhere else): March 7th

That's all for now,
see you all later

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Conception Maiden's new name poll

Hi guys,

The new Conception Maiden rebuild is about ready, but I'm still having trouble deciding on the official name. 

These are 4 of the names I was considering: 

-Ovulating Maiden
-Nymph of Ovulation 
-Ovulating Nymph
-Conception Nymph

What do you think should be Conception Maiden's official new name now that it's rebuild in renpy? (please vote at the link below)

You can vote here:

(please feel free to leave a comment here with your vote instead if you're having trouble using the poll on the link)

I am planning to release the 1st "official" build of this very soon(this will contain more content that the "CM rebuild untitled" pre-release I posted earlier this month for patrons). 

That's all for now,
see you all later. 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

CM rebuild untitled is up

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay, this is the new rebuild of Conception Maiden.  The game has now been rebuild in renpy. All of the characters CGs have been re-rendered for 1080p resolution(and made to-scale), along with animations(including new ones), and the storyline has changed to a degree(along with many minor changes), and now goes a little past the birth of Shiri.  

Note this release does not include the extra "Luxuria" since I still want to adjust the text/story on that a little bit more, but I'm planning another version this month that also includes the Luxuria storyline.

I'll also give this game rebuild a new(or expanded) official name(instead of just simply "Conception Maiden"). For now, this has the name "CM rebuild untitled ", but I should have come up with a real name for it sometime soon this month.


ALSO NOTE, this version won't be release publicly since I haven't decided on the official game name yet, and this version doesn't include the Luxuria storyline.  However, I'm planning to release another version this month with the official name that also includes the Luxuria storyline this month, and that version will later be released publicly.

Here is the download link for the new "CM rebuild untitled":


Note, this file is password protected.  The password is up on patreon/subscribestar, for more info about this please click here.

-Here are the Patreon/SubscribeStar Release dates-  
Very Early access: February 12th, Early access: February 19th


That's all for now,
see you all later.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

 Immoral Sorceress v1.0


Immoral Sorceress is complete!   

This is public release of the complete corruption themed h-game, Immoral Sorceress (This game was somewhat inspired by another h-game called Village of Nightmare).


Here's a little bit about the game(taken from the other post):
Seifer, a 66 year old criminal, uses the main fruit of his teacher's life research, "Young Maiden", to become a young girl.  Having also recently completed his own research on how to obtain unlimited mana, he now seeks to fulfill his desires for power, revenge, lust for beautiful girls, as well as regain the penis he lost from changing genders.  Through moral degeneration and corruption, he seeks to turn these girls into extremely loyal, horny followers.  For every girl he corrupts, his total mana grows and he inches closer to his perverse goals.

Click on the post title to view the download links and screenshots (after the jump-------->>)