Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New CM Visuals, Animations and Full Autotiling

Hi everyone,

I been doing a bunch of stuff the past few days such as learning more about how to use koikatsu, and I also made some significant progress recently to image/sprite processing(can now easily convert images to spritesheets for game) as well as with auto-tiling which is now complete and is possible to use on the level of rpg maker can within GMS2.  Some of this maybe a bit techinal again but hopefully it won't be too confusing.

Here are some new CG renders I created now showing the elven family(wip).  From left to right, Victoria(massive elf), Minori(human boy), Lorelei(daughter of Victoria), plus two possible offsprings(with parents being Victoria and Minori).

I've also been trying to see what all I can do with facial expressions, which looks like I'm able to use it to get pretty detailed expressions.  I should be able to make a wide variety of just about any expressions I want to(it is more complex to do than in 3DCG though).

Facial Expressions test

 For creating animations with koikatsu, from what I've see so far there are 3 ways(I think) to animate, first is by importing an MMD animation(I don't think you can directly edit these, though i'm not sure), second is by using a route animation tool, and third is by using a fan-made timeline tool to build animations.  There are also alot of premade animations that it seems to possible to make small adjustments to.  I'm not sure but it seems like it might be the easiest for me to create the animations in MMD, then import it into Koikatsu(as well as use animations already within koikatsu).  

Victoria masturbating

I've tried a bunch of stuff with animations as well as post-processing the animations so I can put them into the conception maiden game.  They are a bit large so I'll post more after the jump.

Animations and more after the jump(click on post title or "read more" to view)

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Animation, Resizing, and GMS2

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some more stuff with Koikatsu as well as doing thing to up-convert Conception Maiden from GMS1 to GMS2(Game Maker Studio 2, this is an engine used to create games).  Here are some character design stuff I did in Koikatsu since the last post(though I am still learning how to use everything):

I updated Victoria's body proportions some more as well as changed her face.  Her facial expression is now a bit kinder and more relaxed looking(and maybe a bit sleazy).

Orc girls have been adjust too, to hopefully look a bit more fearsome.

This character(WIP) may appear in the game, a human girl who was once a slaver trader/breeder that deceived human males, capture them, and sold them them monster girls.  In regions that were taken over by monster girls, she would force human women to get pregnant.  This is what she use to do before the apocalyptic war.

Something else I've been doing was trying to add animations.  Koikatsu has a very detailed scene creator(and fan-made plugins enhance this even more).  I can now take any animation created with MikuMikuDance and import it so that I can use it for my characters.  I tried importing the MMD files(called VMDs) I had already did for Lorelei and Victoria, and animated them both which worked well, and then saved their animations as an image sequence to test frames exporting.

A problem I had for a long time with images/sprites was shrinking/resizing them to be the best quality they could be.  From all the art programs I've tried, it seems Microsoft Paint(MSpaint) does the best image shrinking for the images I use.  However, I don't know any normal way to batch shrink images with it and it doesn't seem to support image transparency.  To get around this, I made 3 scripts that work together by combining microsoft paint with photoshop, however process this is very slow, needs preparation and can have bugs once in awhile.  

Recently though, I've found a significantly better way to batch shrink images in what appears to be the same as microsoft paint does.  Using a program called magick I can now automatically shrink them like microsoft paint does.  This saves a tremendous amount of time and completely the solves a long-time problem I had with shrinking images while keeping a higher quality.  Here is an example of the animation playing, shrunk with photoshop, then shrunk mspaint style with magick:

Photoshop resized

MSpaint resized

It might be hard to notice at first, but the MSpaint resized one(using magick) has cleaner edges as well as more visible/less blurry details.  So I plan to use this to resize sprites  from now on.

Also I've up-converted Conception Maiden from GMS1 to GMS2.  From what I can tell so far, GMS2 runs notably better and GMS2 has a built-in autotile feature(using this you could create maps similar to how you create maps in rpg maker, in GMS1 this could be very difficult to do).  GMS2 is quite a bit different from GMS1 though, and also there were a few fatal compatibility bugs from up-converting the game.  However, I got the game running now in GMS2(with dialog, movement and the battle system all working) so hopefully I will have everything else fully working soon.

Screenshot of game running in GMS2

I removed the custom autotile system(so a lot of the tiles aren't joined in the screenshot above) I made, so the game should probably have little to no lag when switch maps(before the game had long loads between certain maps because the game had to wait until it manually merged all the tiles).  I will try to add GMS2's autotiling into the game instead.  So overall, the game will likely have far better performance than the last conception maiden demo(From what I can tell so far, there seems to be no lag/freezing on my computer).


Anyways, right now, the plan for Conception Maiden is to apply GMS2 autotiling into the game, make/update maps/storyline, add new character sprites/bust images/animations into the game after creating them in Koikatsu, and debug the game. 

I'm not sure when a new demo for Conception Maiden will be ready right now since there is alot to do for it, but I'm planning to release demo 5 of Immoral Sorceress sometime next month.

That's all for now, 

see you all later.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Conception Maiden and Character CG creation

Hi guys, 

this may be a long post, but hopefully it won't be to confusing.

Recently I've been considering doing a major revision to the Conception Maiden game.  This includes major changes to the storyline as well as making things more concise in relation to dialog.  Part of the reason for this is that the game has become way more complicated that I originally intended(Conception Maiden is the most complex game I've ever attempted to make).  However, I would still like for the game to keep it's current tactical/fighting battle system.

Something that I've also been considering was using another 3D character creator other than 3D Custom Girl.  For most all the games I created up to now I've used the program 3D Custom Girl to render the CGs for the game, however I've been considering switching to something else for awhile now for the visuals.  It seems that I might be starting to reach the limits of what I can do visually with 3D Custom Girl, so I thought this might be a good thing to consider.

Looking at what I can find online currently, there were 2 main character creators that I would like to consider using.  One is called Custom Order Maid 3D 2(Closely related to another program called Custom Maid 3D 2), and the other is Koikatsu(Also known as Koikatu/Koikatsu Party internationally).  Below are some renders I made in each program.

Lorelei test in Koikatsu
On the left is 3D Custom Girl(3DCG), in the middle is Custom Order Maid 3D 2(COM3D2), on the right is Koikatsu(K).

There are however some potential problems with each one.  Originally a major reasons I stuck with 3DCG is because of all the mods that were created for it(and I am able to create mods for it), but since CM3D2 has now built up a collection of mods and with the stuff I've seen from Koikatsu online, I thought I should consider using them.
From the image able, 3DCG has a more simple look and not many options for lighting/shadows(but the mods does help with stuff like this somewhat), however posing models is very simple and fast for me in 3DCG. COM3D2 has higher quality models with much better lighting/shadows and more customization options, however it seems somewhat difficult to pose models in it(though I may just not understand how to use it completely). Koikatsu has extremely clean lines and a very nice anime cel-shading style(the customization options of this program are also like nothing I've ever seen before), it seems like posing models might be easy in it once I understand it better(though my computer is slower at running this program).
After looking at these character creators, the one I think the one that I would really like to use is Koikatsu.  Koikatsu has very powerful levels of customization(though it can take a bit longer to create something but everything is very well organized).  The main things I was worried about with Koikatsu is the limits of what I could do visually with it, like specifically using lighting/shadows to improve the visuals.  Also would I be able to create more extreme hentai themes with it like I could in 3DCG, though from what I've seen on pixiv it looks like that is quite possible(though I might have to be creative to create some things).  Aside from this is the concern with animations, I'm not sure if I can send the models to MMD like I did with 3DCG to animate them, however, it looks like Koikatsu has a detailed animation creator with it.


Here are some more test renders of Lorelei and Victoria in Koikatsu.
 Renders in K

Victoria test, Left 3CDG, right K



Here is a test with the lighting/shadows adjusted to get a better idea of how it might look if I used this for CGs(click on image for fullview):

Lighting/shadows was one of my main worries about using Koikatsu but with adjustments like this, I think it might work really well.

I haven't completely decided since I'm not sure about everything with Koikatsu just yet, but I really like the program and it is very likely I will switch to that for Conception Maiden.

About Conception Maiden's new story(WIP)
instead of aliens, the game will have more of a fantasy setting around (being forced to) impregnating monster girls as the only conscious male in the world. 
Here is the new setting idea for conception maiden(work in progress):
In a world of with both monster girls and humans, it was common for human males to be raped or kidnapped by monster girls for the purposing of becoming their slave/husband.  Due to a number of reasons, eventually a massive war breaks out between the Goddess of Food who sided with the humans, and the Goddess of Pleasure who sided with the lustful monster girls.  In this war, the goddesses, monster girls, and humans all obliterated each other, with the exception of the lesser 3rd goddess of the world known as the Fertility Goddess.  
The Fertility Goddess is the illegitimate child of the Goddess of Pleasure, who previously engaged in illegal acts of pleasure with humans. 
The Fertility Goddess is said to have use the last of her strength to save at least 2 of every breed of monster girl, placing each monster girl into an unbreakable egg-like pod where they enter cold-sleep, it is also believed that the fertility goddess was the only goddess to survive the war(and returned to heaven after the war, making her the sole goddess of the world).
Story idea(wip):
By an unknown stimulus, 6 unbreakable pods in a large area suddenly crack, releasing 6 monster girls from a slumber of over 200 years.   2 of these monster girls are Forest Elves, mother and daughter(Victoria and Lorelei).  2 of them are Orcs, and the last 2 are Scarlet Clads.  The forest elves wish to bring back all the monster girls, while building a place for all of them to live together in peace.  However the Scarlet Clads and Orcs wish to dominate the world and do not seem to care about making peace or finding a way to revive the other monster girls(unless it's for their own gain).
After the Orcs and Scarlet Clads leave the area, the 2 forest elves find one more crack pod in the area, this one containing a human boy.  While in the middle of receive a blowjob from one of the elves, the boy wakes up.  
Shortly after, it is discovered that thanks to the fertility goddess' past efforts, monster girls can go through all stages of pregnancy within a single day and there is a means to accelerate birthed babies age to maturity just as quickly.  This means that possessing the boy means that clans of the monster girls can be resorted.  However, sharing is out of the question for the historically violent Orcs/Scarlet Clads, and thus the Orcs and Scarlet Clads declare war on the kind Forest Elves to posses the boy and his seed, so they can dominate the "new" world with their own species.

I've also tried creating them in K too, here are some render of what they may look like:

Orc girls are muscular, strong, and aggressive, in the past they commonly allied themselves with Scarlet Clads and sometimes Goblins.


Scarlet Clads.  One of the more dangerous types of monster girls.  They are gluttonous and thus are commonly overweight.  They will eat anything and have even engaged in cannibalism acts such eating humans in the past(something that not even Orcs would do).  Clads can use a special magic that is released from their wombs nicknamed "death magic".

Here is a bio idea I made in the past about scarlet clads(with 3DCG):


So the current idea of the game evolves around femdom, pregnancy/birth and harem-building as you help monster girls increase their population by breeding with them, and by finding+awakening new monster girls from the pods and attempting to convince them to join the forest elves' side.  Though the boy(who is the main character) is good at strategizing and the elf-sided girls treat him kindly, he is basically their (somewhat unwilling) de-facto sex toy and slut. 

As for the battling system, it may stay the same as it is now but i'm not sure yet will probably need to take a closer look at if I can do animations like that in Koikatsu.
What do you guys think about all this so far?  Would you like to see conception maiden become a game like this?

Also, about Immoral Sorceress, this won't effect Immoral Sorceress, I am still planning still use 3DCG for the game(also if I didn't, I would have to remake over 1000 CGs from scratch as well as stuff relating to animations).  Right now I'm planning to release demo 5 of Immoral Sorceress sometime next month.  I will try to let you'll know what all it will cover later.  

Also, since I have tons of different stuff I made with 3DCG(like unused game ideas and such), I might start posting a lot of them on somewhere like my pixiv account.

That's all for now,
see you later.