Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Girls x Lust - 0.02

Hi everyone,
Girls x Lust Alpha 0.02 can now be downloaded now from the link below.
Click on the post title to view screenshots of the game (after the jump-------->>)

Some of the new features include:
- farming simulation inspired by farming simulator games
- puzzle system inspired by the game "The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne"
- 3 new erotic scenes with animation(7 total)
- enhanced maps
- expansion of town
- new character sprites and character CGs
- new events
- expansion of main storyline
- and more

Sorry about the filesize, even after optimization, the filesize of the game is now twice as big because of all the additions.

If you're new to this game, Girl x Lust is an erotic adventure, farming simulation, puzzle game with elements of an open world game.  Additional features include a day/night time, characters influenced by both time and the choices you make, and erotic scenes with animations.


Also, you'll need to download rpgmaker vxace run-time package if you don't have it installed already, you can download it here:

If you enjoyed this game, please consider supporting me on my patreon here, it will be a great a help to me and allow me to put aside more time to make h-games, you will also have access to the newest releases of  my works(alpha/beta level), including girlsxlust: 

Please feel free to leave feedback, comments and suggestions. ^^
that's all for now,
see you all later.


  1. XD I Love Colette! Just the way she speaks and thinks makes me laugh! XP I like this Char pretty much! >^_^<

  2. Hey, ähm . . . sry but I have to say something = /
    And I don´t want to offend neither you nor your stuff! But the Vagina of the girls in Girls X Lust looks horrible in my opinion . . . = / There are quite a lot Games where you could look up the way they do them soo Please don´t get angry with me! Q~Q
    Just my opinion ; P

  3. Vaginas was always a bit of a problem for me in the past. Most commonly with 3DCG the vaginas i've seen are very low-res and pixelated if you try to zoom in close, so I don't think the current vagina is horrible by any means, especially when you compare them, but it can be better like you said. I'm also editing models for 3DCG and MMD now, so now would be a good time to change the vaginas. I was wondering if you can tell me what you think of the vaginas here:

    The first one is probably ideal and is the best vagina I've seen so far in 3DCG. But anyone other than the second one in that image however may not be so easy to use because they are completely 3D vaginas and could require me taking apart the vagina in one body, merging bones of 2 bodies, and removing the 2nd body in a 3d editor. I haven't tried that before and I can only think of one way right now that be possible to do if I'm able to. I think I can use the second one easily though. Could you tell me what you think of the vaginas in the image?
    Vaginas are very important in hentai games, so I may make a post about vaginas soon if it's needed. Thanks for playing my game! ^^

  4. Yay! Definitely Number one and three! >^.^<
    But dont take number two! It resembles too much the current used one!
    I didn't expected that you would vanswer •.•
    Would you mind if i chat a little bit more with you? ^_^
    Games where i like the vaginas pretty much are: Lightning Warrior Raidy 1, 2 & 3 + Taimanin Asagi 1, 2 & 3 ; P (Besides My favorite stuff in Hentai Games are: Lesbian, Impregnation, and birth) Lesbian ... Well because I am a Lesbian = P

    1. It still needs alot more editing but is was able to get them to merge(took a long time and isn't perfect):
      I can't make any promises right now on what vaginas I'll use though. ^^'

      I've heard of those games before, though I haven't played any of them just yet. Nice choices of favorite hentai genres.

    2. Yep! You are definitely on the way up! = P
      Both are CG Games and Lightning Warrior Raidy is a RPG
      But the Characters are really Unice! I pretty like: Foless (Dark Elf), Fon Fon (Werewolf girl) and Tiss (Deamon) XD they are perfect examples for Chaotic funny and somehow cute Characters XP

    3. oh yeah and: I would love to see more of Broken Hymn! (That is this Female Warrior Hentai Game right?) oh and what happened with this other two Games? The Game with that Schoolboy and the other one with that Echi hating Schoolgirl that got teleported to that other naked world? ^.^

    4. Thanks! Broken Hymn is still in development, it's just that the writing for that game takes me much longer and I have odd cases of writer's block lately for it even know I have a ton of ideas for it. It's still in development though, when the next build of it comes out, it may seem like it came out of nowhere(like a surprise release).
      If you mean the schoolboy with the yandere girl game Himeji, that game was never officially in development, I had just posted it here for fun just to show you all.
      And for Sakurahime, right now the plan is to eventually rebuild Sakurahime over at a higher-quality using the new game maker studio this time. This would take quite awhile to make the engine so it was officially canceled so I can focus on rpg maker games and because the engine needed rebuilding, sorry... But Sakurahime should eventually be back rebuilt, especially if there is a strong desire from you guys for it. ^^'

      My next release I'm planning will be Girls x Lust 0.03, to be released sometime this month, please keep an eye on my blog for the specific date. ^^

    5. Argh! So Himeji won't come back?! Q.Q Damn >~< . . . oh well, i prefer anyway Girl Protagonists = \ What do you mean by that block? •.•
      Äähhmm . . . . . just a question, do you can draw good? Like Manga stile? Or just like in your Games? It's because i am searching someone that can draw me (no, neither a manga nor a comic) some characters, because i am writing my own Fantasy Story and I wanted to give the Characters I created at least an visual image •_• sooo if necessary i would even pay (but don't expect too much, I'm not rich ...) = P

    6. Well Himeji might could return if there is enough interest in it. ^^'
      Yeah, I can draw though I haven't ever posted anything like that on my blog. I'm not very fast at drawing though, in the time I could draw 1 image, I could literally render 100's of 3DCG images(If I clearly know what I'm making). Eventually I might start posting flash games I've made though which has art I've drawn in them.
      Well I could possibly make characters in 3DCG like with my games if that's what you mean, but I don't think I have enough time to hand-draw something right now, sorry. ^^'

    7. Nah! Drawn on Pc is always better than with hand! ; P

      Though I don´t really have a clue what 3DCG are I guess this is even better than Handdrawn XD

      Sooo . . . would you like? you could be a big help, I guess = P

      All what I would need per Charakter would be: The Charakter, some Modus/Mode he can get into (like Super Sayajin Mode in Dragonball), His Weapon´s and his (normaly just a single one) Armor´s I would be pretty glad if you could lend me a hand or two \= P

    8. Well I wouldn't underestimate hand drawings.
      With 3DCG, it would probably be possible, if you email me here: , I can try to email you back if/when I'm open to doing this, but I can't make any promises right now. But thank you very much for your interest. ^^'

  5. the other maids of the first game are going to appear in this game? I think it would be a waste to animate them just for that game and don't use again

    1. Yes! I originally planned for them to appear in the game later. If you look closely at the title screen image, you can see the other 2 maids behind Cure:


    help me please.
    game is deleted

    1. Hi Enes, this game is completed now, so the version posted here is very outdated. But you can download the complete game here:

      Thanks for your interest ^^, and please let me know if you have anymore trouble getting it.