Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Farming Simulation + video demonstration

Hi everyone,
With the time system in gxl I thought it might be possible to have farming, so
I recently made a farming simulation system for the game.  The farming simulation system is now fully-functional and includes tilling, planting, watering, harvesting, and withering/dead plants.
It will be added for you to try in the next alpha of the game, and will be properly added into the game sometime later, you can see a demonstration of the farming system below:

Alternately, you can download it: here(HQ)

I wanted the farming simulator to be as simple as possible with as few menus as possible while still allowing you to do full fledged farming as you want to.  Basically I did this by only showing a menu when selecting/changing seeds, basically this means you don't need to go through a menu to change tools.

When you go next to the body of water and push the action button it automatically begins to fill the watering can and on a plain field it will till it.
If you press the action button on a tilled field the menu to select the seed you want will come up, if you already had a seed chosen it will just place the seed on the tilled field.  If you want to change seed, hold down the action button on a empty tilled field instead of pressing it and the menu to change seed will come back up.
Pressing the action button on a non-empty field will water it if the plant isn't full grown, if it's full grown you will harvest it.  So now the wealthy girl with a poor allowance can go farming if you want her to(even if it's seems a bit weird to add it's turning out to be a fun addition to the game and add more content).  Um, this may or may not sound confusing at first but all the farming actually pretty simple when you try it and is all done by the action button.

Also, I've build a somewhat complex yet simple puzzle system that will also be in the next alpha, but I'll probably talk about that later.

Um, that's all for now,
see you later.


  1. Is there a easy way to make money in this game? like selling the fruits of your farm or the eggs of that homeless chick? or you can only bother money from your mother and make money with special events?

    1. Yes. All of those will become options as the game is farther developed, you will be able to sell pretty much all of crops you grow. Aside from being given money, there will be other ways such as(optionally), stealing from mimi's savings, from stealing with a puzzle system I recently added, as well as another system possibly that involves blood contracts with lower-demons written on cards that can be used to battle demons, sold, or traded like a trading card game(note that the card system is only in the idea stage at the moment), all these likely won't be the only ways to make money in-game.

  2. COOL! How long do you think until you release the next version? I'm super excited.

    1. It will be out by the end of this month, I originally planned to release alpha 0.02 last month but then I got all these new ideas I wanted to add into the game(including farming), but it will be out sometime this month for sure. ^^