Monday, September 21, 2015

Banner and Avatar

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that I changed my header/banner image recently.  The first one styled like this:

I'm mainly posting this for anyone who was curious about my last banner.  The characters shown on it from left to right was O-dobi(sakurahime), the twins colette and sophia(girlsxlust), and on the right Celestia(unused character from sakurahime). 
It maybe fun to note that I made that when I first started this blog and was starting to make maids - perfect, however 2 of the characters from one of my current game(girls x lust) were already in it.
When I started this blog I already had the characters somewhat planned, basically you could just say I always have a whole ton of game ideas, but I only make the ones I really like usually.

The new character at the top of the blog is named Lithchlo and basically she serves as both a mascot and my avatar.  She is also a character in Broken Hymn.  She is very kind-hearted and she like helping people, having sex, being idolized/worshiped, lower others sexual morals, intimacy, debauchery, skinship, nudism, kindness, and overall sexual expression between people.  She "believes" that she is an angel.

Um, that's all for now.
my next post will be two days from now,
see you soon.

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