Monday, April 3, 2023

OM + CM character poll results

Hi everyone,

these are the character poll results for Ovulating Maiden's first poll, as well as the poll from Conception Maiden from last year(note "Conception Maiden" is what the game was called before it was recently rebuilt in renpy.  The rebuild is known as "Ovulating Maiden" and is currently in development).

Results after the jump(click on Read More or post title to view)---v 

Here are the poll results for Ovulating Maiden first poll, there was a total of 19 votes:

-3rd/4th place is a tie between Shiri and Hamleta, with 2 votes each


 Minori's gaudy and tomboy-ish first elf daughter, Shiri 

A wild, chubby orc girl who seeks to posses Minori, Hamleta

-2nd place winner is the goddess Mitis, with 4 votes


 The perverted fertility goddess of the world, Mitis

-1st place grand winner is Victoria, with 7 votes

The lewd and motherly massive elf, Victoria

Here are all of the results:



Also, here are last year's results for Conception Maiden character poll, there was a total of 82 votes(these votes were for Conception Maiden demo 4):

-4th/3rd place is a tie between Lorelei and Hamleta, each with 6 votes

-2nd place winner is the Goddess Mitis with 9 votes

-1st place winner is Victoria with 40 votes

 Here are all the results:

Thanks for voting in the polls everyone!

If you would like to play Ovulating Maiden, you can download it here.

That's al for now,

see you all later. 

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