Friday, February 18, 2022

CM character poll + Shiri preview

Hi everyone,

this is just a quick post.   I made a poll just for fun to vote on your favorite character in Conception Maiden.

CM Favorite character so far poll, click here if you would like to vote or see results:

EDIT, seems strawpoll wasn't registering any votes so I'm now using poll maker, if you voted before please vote one more time.

Also, here's a preview of Victoria's and Minori's daughter Shiri who will full appear in the next demo of CM(I've also posted a number of things of her on my pixiv previously):


Um, that's all for now,
See you all later.


  1. When is immoral sorceress coming? :)

  2. You don’t have to release updates all the time obviously. But it would be nice if you would consider doing news updates a bit more so we know that you’re still okay, and have an idea of what’s going on.

  3. Waiting for new Immoral sorceress update :)

  4. It’s been 6 months. Can you say something?

  5. Sorry for the long time away guys, the games are in development and I've just made a new blog post