Friday, March 31, 2023

ISE v0.10 is up

Hi everyone,

The official name for the sequel to Immoral Sorceress is "Immoral Sorceress: Ecstasy" (ISE).  The game was a long time coming in terms of development and is currently long enough to be at least 2 demos worth of content.   This continues where the Immoral Sorceress left off and also features things such as higher game resolution, higher resolution character renders, and higher quality models.

Here is the download link for "ISE v0.10":

Note, this file is password protected.  The password is up on patreon/subscribestar, for more info about this please click here.

-Here are the Patreon/SubscribeStar/Public Release dates-  
Very Early: March 31th, 2023, Early access: April 7th, Public(on blog and anywhere else): April 14th

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