Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Conception Maiden - Demo 2

Hi everyone,
a new version of Conception Maiden is here(public release) and can be downloaded below.  This verison has a ton of small enhancements compared to Demo 1.  I'll list some of them below in a changelog.

Here's the story (demo 1&2 only) of the game:

A boy name Minori is awoken from cold sleep(cryostasis) by a mother and her daughter, only to find that a deadly virus wiped out most of humanity, and that the 3 of them are the last living humans on earth (with the exception of an unknown number of other people in cold-sleep pods).  The world is also overrunned by "cross-breeds", deadly parasitic life-forms.  With just the 3 of them left, humanity faces complete extinction. 

In order to prevent extinction, Minori must(to his dismay) have sex with the mother and daughter, and impregnate them.  Using special technology, pregnancies can be accelerated to full-term, and birthed babies' age can be accelerated to maturity.  Then Minori will be forced to impregnate his female offsprings through sex as well.  Interestingly, all his offspring are female.  Unfortunately for Minori, these girls love sex and want to rebuild the world into his own personal sex-paradise harem.  Through this, Minori can increase the human population and use the girls' help to hopefully reach more cold sleep pods before it's too late, as well as take back land from the cross-breeds.

Details from earlier post below:

This game is a blend of tactical rpg and a side-scrolling platform-based fighting game.  The game is played in 3 different main modes:  Exploration mode, where you can walk around freely, Command mode, where you use a cursor to select and command units to move on a top-down map(similar to tactical games such as fire emblem), and Battle mode, where you control the character directly and fight the enemy in a side-scrolling fighter/platformer-like view.

Here are a few new screenshots of the game:


You can download demo 2 here: https://mega.nz/file/BAwATTIa#abSgqB9wzVYAa9jMuq7eXiHwocOGXTIImjhtNgIZrjQ

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Exploration mode: Arrow keys - move character, Enter - Interact/Talk to others

Command mode(for battle maps): Arrow keys - move cursor, Enter - Select, X - cancel (You can also use the mouse in command mode)

Battle mode(side-view fight): Arrow keys - move character, Z - Jump, X - Attack

On-screen messages can be progressed by pressing Enter, Space, or Left-Mouse Button.(Hold down to fast-scroll text)

Press Esc to bring up the menu(this only works when no one is talking).


Demo 2 changelog:

-new animated character CGs busts(for Victoria and Lorelei)
-new map sprites for most of the characters
-sprite system changed to use 2 facing directions(north-east and south-east), expect for in battle mode.
-enemies will now attack you in battle
-attack animations added for Victoria(uses a large mace-like weapon) and Lorelei(can shoot arrows with bow) 
-storyline and gameplay is slightly longer now
-game text spelling/grammar fixes and minor changes
-added a menu system on the title screen
-added a save and load system(game can now be saved and loaded)
-autotiles are pre-merged now(using GMS2 autotile system), this means the game shouldn't really have lag anymore when going between maps(in the past this lag was because the tiles had to merge in realtime).
-major update - upgrade from GMS1 to GMS2 game engine, the game should likely run notably better now.
-addition minor changes and updates

Some notes about the current demo:

 -jump animation glitches during battle
-there are a number of placeholders in the menus
-in this demo, if you lose on a battle map, it will likely consider it a win and continue the story

Also Note, that the game has been going through a major revision, and the demo 3 will have a very different story-line(partly based on the idea of monster girls), focus and new CG style(among other things), to read more about this from my earlier post, click here.

That's all for now,
see you all later.

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