Monday, November 30, 2020

Many new details about Conception Maiden

Hi everyone,

Lately, one of the things I've been doing a lot was developing demo 3 of Conception Maiden.  There are a number of things to show, I'll post them after the jump(click on post title or read more to view).

Since the last post about demo 3 of Conception Maiden, I've been doing a lot of things relating to it.  One of the things I've done was create new sprites and updated some of the characters.  I also have the demo working now with the updated visuals and many other things.  Here's a short video of a test for the demo(though this is a bit outdated now):

The game can now do high quality zooming in during erotic animations.  To make this possible, I've made the game's eventing system more advanced so it can call more commands when the characters are talking.  Some of this eventing includes things such as playing/changing animations, moving to other characters(without normal pathfinding), changing the target(s) of the camera, playing sound effects on certain frames of animations, and clearing unused resources.  I've updated the system to handle sprites so that they can move in 4 directions again(though this time by using only 3 sprites, and they are loaded externally when needed to reduce resource usage).  

The game also has a new intro story in place and 2 erotic events both with animations.  This is done a bit differently from how it was in demo 1 and 2.  Right now, the game will probably need a little more code to handle eventing and then I could make the game's first battle.  The battle map itself is mostly done, here is a in-progress preview of the game's first battle map in GMS2:

The game's storyline/setting is currently like this: "The game now takes place in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where about two of every monster girl race was sealed into individual pods by the fertility goddess. Found by the elves, Minori is believed to be the only human boy in the 'new' world and thanks to the fertility goddess, both pregnancy and aging to maturity to be extremely accelerated.

The idea of the game is to (attempt to) befriend monster girls, (be forced to?) impregnate them, and repopulate the world with monster girls as the only male in the world while attempting to build peace between the monster girl races."

At the beginning of the game, there are 7 monster girls awaken:  2 elves, 2 orcs, 1 ogre and 2 scarlet clads.  These monster girls oppose the elves.  I've changed the orcs to be more pig-like and the muscular green ones are now called ogres.  Here's an example of one of the orc girls(named Babe) on the title screen:

Here's a work in progress screenshot of the game:

I've done a lot of stuff with the models too, one of the things I did here was try to improve the vagina and penis using mods and such, while also trying to manipulate the genitals using poses and morphs.  The characters now have much more detailed vaginas and minori(the human male) has an uncircumcised penis.  The vagina can morph open and close, and it's possible to rotate/resize the penis to change it's state.  Lorelei will present her vagina to you in the game.

A few more screenshots:

I've also updated victoria's face to give her more of a motherly look and made a human girl who Minori known in the past named Miyumi(she use to babysit him in the past).  This CG below is showing events before the war(Note that Minori's model has been updated since this image).

I've also made a few mini-comics for the game, mostly just for fun(a lot of this is posted on my pixiv).  Here is a page of one of them:

I've also rendered a lot of animations for the game and such, like this one with all 3 of them together:

If you would like to see the mini-comics, animations, CGs and such, you can download them here:


Also, about the new demo releases.  About 2 weeks ago, I was planning to release both a Demo 3 of Conception Maiden and a Demo 5 of Immoral Sorceress in November.  However I spent too much time learning Koikatsu and it took far longer than plan to get additional things setup for Conception Maiden's game engine(and also making a few things to post on pixiv).  So it isn't possible for me to release a new demo of IS today as planned.  

The plan right now is for me to release Conception Maiden demo 3 sometime next week(once the battle system is in order), and delay the release of Demo 5 of Immoral Sorceress to around the end of December.  I'm sorry about this, especially since I said the plan was to release Immoral Sorceress in November, maybe trying to release 3 different demos in one month was over doing it a bit and I should have focused solely on Immoral Sorceress first.  

I have however made great progress with Conception Maiden and think it could be possible to release both a new demo of Conception Maiden and Immoral Sorceress next month.  Conception Maiden currently needs a little bit of new eventing code, the first battle(against the orcs), some spelling/grammar checking and then it should ready for release.  This will have a completely new storyline, CGs and animations.  As for Immoral Sorcress, demo 5 will probably still be focused on adding animations and an easy mode to the game.


Um, that's all for now,

see you all later.

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