Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New CM Visuals, Animations and Full Autotiling

Hi everyone,

I been doing a bunch of stuff the past few days such as learning more about how to use koikatsu, and I also made some significant progress recently to image/sprite processing(can now easily convert images to spritesheets for game) as well as with auto-tiling which is now complete and is possible to use on the level of rpg maker can within GMS2.  Some of this maybe a bit techinal again but hopefully it won't be too confusing.

Here are some new CG renders I created now showing the elven family(wip).  From left to right, Victoria(massive elf), Minori(human boy), Lorelei(daughter of Victoria), plus two possible offsprings(with parents being Victoria and Minori).

I've also been trying to see what all I can do with facial expressions, which looks like I'm able to use it to get pretty detailed expressions.  I should be able to make a wide variety of just about any expressions I want to(it is more complex to do than in 3DCG though).

Facial Expressions test

 For creating animations with koikatsu, from what I've see so far there are 3 ways(I think) to animate, first is by importing an MMD animation(I don't think you can directly edit these, though i'm not sure), second is by using a route animation tool, and third is by using a fan-made timeline tool to build animations.  There are also alot of premade animations that it seems to possible to make small adjustments to.  I'm not sure but it seems like it might be the easiest for me to create the animations in MMD, then import it into Koikatsu(as well as use animations already within koikatsu).  

Victoria masturbating

I've tried a bunch of stuff with animations as well as post-processing the animations so I can put them into the conception maiden game.  They are a bit large so I'll post more after the jump.

Animations and more after the jump(click on post title or "read more" to view)

This is a test of full autotiling in GMS2.  It's a bit unorganized right now though since I was mostly just trying to test different tiles, but this is something that will be a tremdous help in map making.  I may try to post a video with a map using this to show what I mean by autotiling(this also does animated autotiles, like animated water).  I should also have maps to show later that aren't just test like this one.  Basically the idea of autotiling is that parts of the map(tiles) automatically join together depending on their location to each other.  This can save a ton of time with map making and is a major part of game development engines like rpg maker.  Here's an example of the way I attempted to do it in the past in GMS1 without official autotile support.

Back to the character models, I wanted to make sure the new sprites were all to scale for the game, so I made a new Characters Sprite Height Chart (measured in pixels).  On the left is the eailer one made in 3DCG, on the right is the new one made in Koikatsu.  This is how tall the characters will probably be in game in pixels.  Victoria is a somewhat taller, while Lorelei is the same height, and Minori has a smaller frame and is about 2 pixels shorter.

 I've also been playing with the lighting a bit more,  here are 2 more CG examples.

LxM lighting test

Crossdressing Minori

By using automated scripts I wrote, I can quickly convert a rendered image series into an animation with high quailty resizing, as well as into a sprite-strip for the game(which should load the much faster in GMS2 compared to indiviual frames). 

Lorelei run cycle

sprite-strip of cycle to be used directly by game

I've made a bunch of animation sprites(over 60) too, here are a few more of them:

Hip/Butt swinging test

large idle animation(click to view)

 If I were to use a large sprite animations when you talk to the character(bust), it might look something like that(though that is mostly just a test).

Victoria run cycle(north-east)
The actual in-game size would probably be something like this or a little bigger

Note I might have the game zoom in about 3x or 4x times during erotic scenes using nomral sprites, and also make a version of those sprites that is 3x/4x times larger(this may be kind of like the zoom in Sakurahime) so you can view the scenes close up.


large perspective sex with Victoria(click to view)

LxM anal pegging in wedding dress
VxL scissoring

There are a bunch of other stuff but they are still work in progress too.  I am now at the point though where I think I can start making new game maps and adding the new sprites into the game, along with the new storyline.  Hopefully I'll have some screenshots of the game to share next time.

That's all for now,

see you all later.

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