Sunday, November 20, 2016

GxL blog poll results

Hi everyone,
While GxL was in development, I did a number of polls just for fun on this blog(these polls didn't effect the game like the patreon polls).  So I thought you'll might like to see some of the results just for fun. 

First, here's one from around January 2016 for the favorite erotic scene at the time(I originally had planned to do more than one poll like this, but only ended up doing one before the game's completion):

I also did 3 different favorite character polls at different points in the game's development:

Poll done around October 2015:

Poll done around April:

Poll done around the completion of gxl:

For all 3 of the polls, Colette ended up the winner of each of them, with 2nd and 3rd place varying between each poll.  If we only look at the most recent poll, the 2nd place winner be Divina and the 3rd place winner would be Sophia.  Thanks for voting everyone!

Also Broken Hymn's next update is on the way,
that's all for now,
see you later.

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