Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Broken Hymn Progress Update

Hi everyone,
The next version of Broken Hymn is almost ready.  This update will focus on the battle system but there is a number of other things too.  Including the following:

Here's an example of how the redone outside region near Reulan Keep looks like now without lighting/effects(Around the royal garden).

Shouko can now block attacks with her sword by holding the A key.  She will block attacks coming from the direction she's facing.

A quest log system has been added, which list all your active and past quests.

The game now has an auto-save features, this means that the game can now automatically save at certain points in the reserved autosave slots.  The save/load menus will now also show screenshots taken the time each savefile was saved.  These are saved as png files and named the same way the savefile is.

There are alot of other stuff too, I will be keeping a changelog for this game where I'll try to note the changes in the game from now on.  Here's a list of the main changes for the next version of the game:
  • Shouko now has sword sprite animations for attacking(weapon now visible while attacking)
  • Enemies now have sword and bow sprite animations for attacking
  • Shouko can now do a defensive sword-block to protect her from attacks by holding the A key
  • Removed player diagonal movement
  • Re-balanced battle system
  • Enemy attacks do a lot less damage and armor has lower defense
  • Teammates attacks do less damage to enemies
  • Teammates AIs improved, will now attack enemies throughout the maps
  • Teammate sprites updated slightly
  • Added Optional battle tutorial at beginning of game
  • Added Auto-Save system, the game can now auto-save in 3 different save-slots
  • Added Auto-Save points throughout game
  • Added Screenshot with Saves system, the game will now show screenshots of each save file when saving/loading
  • Added Quest Log system, can be used to keep track of objectives
  • Added Icon that flashes on top-left of screen shortly when quest log is updated
  • Added animated circles to doors that could be difficult to find
  • Edited medical herb sprite, it now sparkles near the ground to help make it easier to locate
  • Fixed collision bugs that allow you to pass-through solid objects
  • Deleted many unneeded events from valley maps to help improve game performance
  • Changed key to fast-scroll game text to x key
  • Fixed fatal bug that could make player to freeze during combat(should be fixed now)
  • Fixed bug causing certain teammates from walking to the second part of the valley map 
  • Fixed bug causing Shouko's experience to reinitialize  
  • Redesigned Reulan Keep's outside map completely(only shown for a few seconds in demo1)
  • Disabled shouko's attacking during non-combat portion of game
  • Fixed a number of spelling/grammar errors
 Most everything listed above has already been implemented, but a few things I'm still trying to adjust in the game like the auto-save feature and the tutorial.  Once everything is finished, I will post the new version of the game. ^^  So the new version of Broken Hymn will be released by or before the end of this month.

Also, if you like to support me and my development of h-content such as this, please consider becoming my patron on patreon.

That's all for now,
see you later

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