Sunday, November 27, 2016

Broken Hymn v0.1.5 live on patreon

Hi everyone,
A new Broken Hymn release is finally out, it is now on Patreon as early access for patrons of alpha/beta level. 
Here is the information about the release date:

November 27th, 2016 - Patrons/Donators Early Access
December 3rd, 2016 - Public Release(on blog and anywhere else)

You can also find more information about v0.1.5 release here, and if you would like to know more about Broken Hymn in general, I've post a bit more about it here and here.

That's all for now,
see you all later.


  1. Will there be more H-scenes in Broken Hymn featuring full sex and creampie and/or futa compared to GxL? And will there be a pregnancy system, or will that be limited to endings?

    1. um, there is a very wide range of fetishes I would like to do for this game, including the ones you just mentioned. H-scenes might be handled a bit differently from GxL, though I'm not sure how just yet or how many there will be(but there will be an emphasis on quality). ^^; As for the game length, I would love to make this game long, so if alot of you guys like this game, I will continue making it. However if most of you guys aren't interested in this game, it may be canceled after about 2 more releases. So please let me know if you guys like this type of game.

      There aren't any plans for a pregnancy system at the moment(but it's possible that might change later) and only the ending of the first part of the game has been fully planned, so I'm not sure about endings beyond that point yet, but I do plan to add the pregnancy fetish as part of the later story and it won't be limited to the end of the game. Sorry if anything I said is disappointing. ^^;