Wednesday, January 27, 2016

GxL poll closing in 2 days

Hi everyone,
It was requested on my patreon page that I start announcing when my patreon polls ends(to help backers keep track), so I'll try to post here each time a poll is about to end from now on.

The poll to vote for which character you want to have an erotic scene in the next alpha of GxL is ending on January 29th.  If you're a backer at the poll level, please check my Patreon page.

Also, Girls x Lust Alpha 0.06 will be out sometime next month.

That's all for now.
See you later.


  1. Hey! Just a Question! Does the Taser Girl could be a potential Love interest? I pretty much like her! >.<
    And well if I had to make a list of my TOP 5 Girls (and potential love interests) in Girls X Lust it would be like this: 1. Taser-Girl 2. Rich Girl (The one from the park) 3. Ridley (The book Fanatic) 4. Ghost Girl (NOT the Ghost! The girl in the Book Store!) 5. Flasher Girl (Lollipop . . . ) 6. (If even possible) Her own Twin siss = P soooo . . . PLEASE! PLEASE! Could you take Ridley and even more important Taser Girl to the potential Love interest Groop (Aka: The more important Characters)? They are pretty High in my Top five list after all! = )

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      Mostly likely she won't be one since she's a more of a minor character and I want to keep this game kind of short. I do like your list, but there's really so many minor characters within this game that it wouldn't be possible to add them all as love interest, as I would have to create paths with events/erotic scenes for each love interest and that would expand the game quite a bit beyond what I'm planning for it and when I would like to complete it.
      There may however be 3 main paths that you can go for Colette's love interest, and I may also do one more path. For this extra path I would let a vote on patreon decide whoever(including minor characters) will be collete's love interest in the 4th path. Though that would be up to the patrons to decide by vote.
      Sorry if this is a bit disappointing.
      I'm not sure if colette's twin will be a main love interest or not just yet, but she will have an erotic scene with colette at some point though. I can't make any promises right now, but I may or may not also try to do something special with the rich girl's family.

    2. oohhh! Damn! She´s my favourite! >~< But just a question . . . isn´t it mean that "only" patreons can choose? = / Well, No one can do . . . Q~Q (Tear . . . ) Well . . . what are you gonna do after Girls X Lust? = (

    3. Oh no, please don't misunderstand. I'm certainly not trying to be mean, non am I trying to force anyone to become a patron.
      I am currently making all of my games alone with my limited free time, and without any help for free, and I still have to pay for living expenses, so this is met as another of the limited ways to for me to show my patrons that I really appreciate them supporting me each month with their hard-earn money, there are also patron who's backing at the level that include polls, so doing something like this is important.

      The purpose of my patreon is not to be mean or anything like that, it's for anyone who wishes to and is able to show their support financially and in turn I try to show them my appreciation.
      I can currently only develop games as a hobby but some day, with the support of you all, I hope to make it something more full-time. But I do greatly appreciate the support from everyone including non-patrons, (you'll playing my games, giving feedback, comments, and such, means a lot) the best representation of this that I can think of right now is the fact that my games are free for everyone. Without all of you, I probably would have stopped making GxL long ago.

      Girls x Lust still has a ways to go, but after it, my next game(aside from Broken Hymn) will not be an RPG Maker like most of my games here are. I am still in the ideas stages for that game and haven't had much time to work on it so far, but I have made some things for it including the start of a tech demo. I probably won't reveal the game until GxL is nearly finished though.

    4. What will it be then? Side Scrawler? (Please say yes! Please say yes! Please say yes! >~<)

    5. Thanks for your interest, but it's still in the ideas stage and hasn't really been developed, so I will keep it as a surprise for now. But if it out well and I have enough time to make it, I'll probably reveal it when gxl is about finished.

    6. oohhh = / Ok then I have no other choice but to wait = ) I´m looking forward to see what comes next >^.^<