Sunday, February 7, 2016

GxL RPG maker gallery

Hi everyone,

For the new Alpha of GxL, I've been trying to make a gallery system based around RPG maker's menu system.  The gallery system would basically allow you to view any sex scene of your choosing that you've found previously in the game from a gallery menu. 

For this(hopefully this isn't too confusing), I've also written a complete script that can save and load data from the Game.ini file included with rpg maker vx ace games.  This means when you find an erotic scene in the game, it would save to the gallery data to the ini file, separate from the game main save files. 

Doing it this way you can allows you to try out different paths or replay the game and find missed erotic scene between different game saves, but the game will remember everything you unlocked between all saves.  So you would only have to find any erotic scene once to unlock it permanently in the gallery.  I've been planning to add this in the next alpha, however I've been having a bit of trouble with the scripting using rpg maker's menu system, so it may not be added until alpha 0.07 or later.  Also I'm hoping to complete the main storyline of GxL by or before July of this year.

For the next release, Girls x Lust Alpha 0.06 is planned to be release sometime between the middle and late part of this month.

That's all for now,
see you later.


  1. I like how your game progress so far, keep it up.
    You have potential to be great for sure. ^^)v

  2. Great stuff!!

    Sounds like an awesome feature, for sure :D

    If it works it's going to be cool. A couple of times I struggled to make some choices. Like both lesbian scenes with the Mother. (yeah, I'm at that again, sorry. Still my favorite part of the game xD)

    Question...this old guy that comes and ask about Cure (or Pure, can't remember, lol) outside Collete's the answers lead to any sex scene later as of v 0.05?

    1. no, not in the current v0.05, but your choice may effect a later version of the game, though i'm not sure in what way just yet.

  3. I really enjoy this game, hope there'll be more futa and "buttgirl" content in the future. Keep up the good work