Monday, January 18, 2016

Girls x Lust on Kimochi

Hi everyone, just a little news,

Girls x Lust is now also available on Kimochi.
Kimochi is a gaming platform for adult oriented games.  If you wish play the game on Kimochi, visit, download and install Kimochi, and you will see a list of games you can download including my free game GxL there.  As I release public versions of GxL I'll try to post them there as well.

You can find more info about Kimochi here.

Um, that's all for now,
See you all later.

Edit:  It looks like Kimochi is planning to shut down it's game hosting service, so unfortunately I won't be able to post my game there anymore.  Sorry everyone, I will let you guys know if something changes.


  1. Ayeka here. I have suggestion. Mayby cure come to beach and offer alternative to Colette. Instead hot romance with pretty hunk guy she can lost virginity to old, ugly but RICH man.

    Another thing. The "device" for dickgirl in extra is too oversized. Mayby can you make it smaller, adjusting to Colette capabality to take?

    1. Hi. I was thinking about doing something like that with Cure coming to the beach as some point, so maybe. I'll also try to allow the player to choose how she loses her virginity. As for Divina's penis, at some point in the game I may optionally make it possible for her to get her penis to become smaller(such as by a demon granting colette's wish to make divina's penis smaller), though I'm not sure just yet.

  2. What about Kimochi going down?

    1. Unfortunately It looks like that's true, so I won't be able to post my game there anymore, but thank you for mentioning it, I will let you guys know if something changes and I host my game there again.