Friday, March 20, 2015

Special Big Poll: Side game?

Hi everyone,
I was thinking about doing a side hentai game project while making broken hymn since I sometimes like to work on 2 games at once. Broken Hymn will still be my main project, I would just have a 2nd game "on the side".
This maybe a tough choice, alot of these are things I've worked on the past but never shown before, and some are probably too big to be called a "side project" I guess, so I may or may not start making the winning game, but I want to see what you guys are interested in.
There are 7 games to choose from, I'll keep the poll opened for 4 weeks from now for you guys to vote.  Please see below and vote in the poll to the upper left or comment below.

1) Maids - Perfect Sequel?

A sequel to the game Maids Perfect.  May possibly be called Girls - Perfect.  It will include the children of Mimi and Elly, and be less focused on maids.  So far I've only done a few CGs for it.  I wasn't originally planning to do a sequel but a number of people seem to really like Maids Perfect.

2) Himeji (Yandere RPG)

I've posted a demo of this game quite awhile ago(but said I wasn't going to complete it), the current demo is about twice as long as the one i posted.  It's about a Yandere girl who slowly falls more and more in love with the main character.  She will do ANYTHING to have the main character's love, even things like kill other girls who talk to the main character.  I particularly like this game.

3)  Emerald DatingSim

A dating simulator rpg I did last year where you try to create your ideal girl.  In this game, the main character frees a girl who was accused of being a witch.
However he gets "caught into her web" in the process.   She gives the main character a "blank" girl and says that she can become the girl of your dreams, but first you will have to date others girls and make them fall in love with you to collect their traits.  The more a girl falls for you, the more personality traits you'll be able to collect and then you can "imprint" the ones you want into the "blank" girl. The idea of the game is to create your ideal girl by collecting the traits of other girls.
(Click here for more details.)

4) Darkness Idol (RTS game)
(click on 3rd image for some gameplay details)
One of the more recent games I've done, it's a Real-Time Strategy game where you play as succubi and other monster girls(sinners) trying to take over the human world.  Originally I was thinking of the games called Team Buddies and Pikmin when I started this game.  In the game the you choose an Idol to worship from hell or heaven and take offerings to that Idol's statue.  The monster girls go into human settlements to fight, rape humans, turn them into monster girls and take them back as offerings or property.   Currently the game has about enough on it for a tech demo.

5) Luca-Sureibu

This is one of the first ideas I've had for a hentai game and I created a long while ago.  The game is about a schoolgirl name Luca who can literally be called the "slut of the school", who one day meets a pregnant naked girl named Sureibu.  Sureibu was brainwashed to be slave and will do whatever Luca says, Luca falls in love with her.  Also Sureibu is always pregnant, not with a human child, she is instead a birthing nursery for tentacle-like monsters.  The game was made with game maker and is a mixed genre kind of game with different gameplay styles.  This game would be completely rebuild and enhanced in game maker studio.  Originally this game contained things such as rpg, platforming, puzzle, interactive sex and visual novel.  The platforming mini demo I've posted before is actually part of this game.  All the styles make this game quite fun and I really like this game.

6) Sakurahime (Rebuild)

One of my favorite hentai games I've created, Sakurahime will be completely rebuild at a higher quality using the new game maker studio, which should gravely improve the game's performance, and make it easier to organize resources and the game will be rebuild from the ground up so it won't have the bugs of the current version.  If you're wondering what Sakurahime is about, it's about a schoolgirl named O-dobi who gets stuck in a world full of perverted girls who keep the few remaining males there as pets.  This game was planned to have both rpg and platforming elements in the original version, and it currently contains live sex animations throughout the game.

7) Desires of Persephone

This is an corruption rpg I've done quite alot on(it currently has a number of sex scenes), right before I started making Broken Hymn.  This game is was inspired by another game called Village of Nightmare and is very similar yet different and has a real-time battle system.
This game is about an evil sorceress named Chandra, she succeeds in summoning a powerful succubi named Persephone to the human world. Chandra is in love with Persephone and wants to corrupt the world by corrupting humans and turning them into Persephone worshipers and succubi.  I have more than enough content to release a demo of this game, I guess you can say this game was cancelled before it even began.  I like this game but unlike the others here, it must win a poll vote for me to continue making it.

That's all 7, please vote for one on the upper-left poll or comment below.  Alot of these I've meant to show eventually but never got around to it.

Um, that's all for now, happy voting!


  1. Well you already know my vote from fens forum Desires of Persephone <3

  2. Desires of Persephone has my vote, here's to explain on why:

    >Maids - Perfect Sequel
    To be honest I didn't really like how the story of Maids - Perfect ended up as. When I played it I was expecting it for me to end up having sex with all the maids and have a harem and not with just two of them. So a sequel to it doesn't really do it for me.

    >Himeji (Yandere RPG)
    I like comedic yandere, not the ones who really kill the opposition so this is a pass for me.

    >Emerald DatingSim
    Interesting, but it sounds like you steal the traits that the girls you date have and then dump them. It looks like it would leave a bad aftertaste.

    >Darkness Idol (RTS game)
    The mechanics sound interesting, but it sounds like too big of a game to make a side-game out of. Also don't see how you can make an interesting story out of this. If the story was from the perspective of a guy caught in the middle of all this it would sound more interesting.

    Sounds good mechanically.

    It was alright.

    >Desires of Persephone
    Now this sounds interesting, I did play Village of Nightmare and I remember the exciting process of corrupting someone in it. I enjoyed seeing how the values of a person changed as you were corrupting them and how their body became sexier and plumper. It's the reason it got my vote.

  3. Can't we put a gun to your head and tell you to make all of them? Please? Oh well. My vote was on Emerald DatingSim, but I'd also like to see Luca-Sureibu, Himeji, and a completely redone Sakurahime.

    Hmm... maybe put it all into one? You save the yandere witch, Luca, who will kill any and all you come across, but she has an affinity for her pet, Sureibu, whom you like and wish to release from her tentacle-birthing curse. The problem is, she needs the 'life' of other girls, not their life, but their traits and memories of 'doing the dirty' with you. To do this, you have to DateSim them and sleep with them, but you have to choose carefully and move quickly to bed them, as Luca will kill a girl for every girl you choose, and if you take too long/make the wrong choices, she'll kill the girl before you can bed her... And just to make it interesting, and easier, all the hot babes in town will want a piece of you, like in Sakurahime.

    This idea has my vote XD

    1. oh gosh, lol. I think making 7 or rather 8 games at once would be too much even for me, and very creative idea, though sounds much too complex for a side game. ^^' good luck on the vote!

  4. Well normally i like multiple choice, but in this case its so hard :p

    first things first: my point goes to Darkness idol even though i´m afraid it wont be the winner in the end.

    I would love to see a sequel to maids perfect without any doubt. It was a bit simple in my eyes but this wont change the fact that i liked this game very much.

    This Himeji game sounds very nice and remainds me to an anime --> Mirai Nikki
    This game would also have my interest cause, i would want to see what this game could turn out. Expectations high from my side :3

    Emerald gets the point that i like dating sims and the great idea to "create" the girl of my dreams XD so definitely interested in this too.

    Darkness idol, maybe i am a bit to hyped for this, i dont know but... i am a big fan of that real time strategic game genre. and i love what i can read so far in your post for this game. even if this game wont win the poll i hope to see this game developed in the future.

    That luca sureibu is not complettly my thing cause i dont like Tentacles that much. Surely i would give it a try but i would not expect that to be one of my favorites.

    Sakura hime was long time a reason to visit this blog cause i liked the idea of a female protagonist in a world like this and i still want to see this game in full, so interest in here too.

    And the last game DoP, well... hard to the moment i am not convinced from this game. To be honest, i did not play village of nigthmare and therefore i guess it will be like...a chest, maybe full with a treasure or maybe just some coins but either way it will be a smile on face i am sure.

    long story short, i like the thoughts you put in your games and i hope to see some of these games fully developed in future.

    1. Well Darkness Idol suspiciously jumped for last place to first place today, so it's in first place now.
      Thank you so much, I'm glad you like my ideas. ^^

    2. They are good ideas but sadly that darknes idol won oh well its with succubi cant be that bad

  5. after looking at the description& story, i vote for desires of persephone. It looks interesting

  6. wow, persephone started to gain vote again!

  7. Guys !! you can"t let Sakurahime at the actual state, this wonderful game need to be finish !!

  8. Lol! I agree with the Anonymous who commented before me. This wonderful game REALLY needs to be finished. The concept is great, and the player character really needs to realise pervert things are good.
    I'd vote, but i'm guessing the poll is already closed so...

  9. My question is which one won the poll?

    1. pretty much it was desires of persephone that won this poll.