Sunday, March 15, 2015

Broken Hymn v0.1.0

Hi everyone,
I've been working on an h-game for quite some time now, this will be my first major h-rpg maker game. Of all the games I've worked on before, this has the most complex development history.

There is quite a bit to the game but it has things such as nice visuals, real-time combat, a dark story, and will have very strong sexual scenes.(It may not look like it right now but this is very much a hentai game) This is something like dark fantasy, though the purpose of this game isn't to focus on combat or medieval settings, you'll will probably understand the game a lot more once the first chapter is complete.

This game will contain animated-sex, there is no sex scenes in the current version but I'm planning to add the first sex scene/content in the demo after next. I actually have sexual content/animations already in the game but so far ahead of the game's storyline that I didn't include them in the current demo.

I honestly have no clue what you guys will think about this kind of game, but I love this game, have tons of things planned for it and have put alot into it, but the future of this game depends on if you guys like it, If you like this game, please feel free to leave a comment. I would really like to know what you'll think of this kind of game.

Supported by the Princess of Karina, A former mercenary named Shouko, along with her band of former mercenaries, go on a desperate mission to rescue their friend who's has been sentenced to death.

Across the continent, Prince Lean's home kingdom of Elfina is brutally attacked and destroyed by the kingdom of Seuson. Prince Lean barely makes it to Minerva, where his childhood friend princess Mina rules.


Also, you'll need to download rpgmaker vxace run-time package if you don't have it installed already, you can download it here:

Also, I've created a Patreon page here:

Just to be clear, my hentai games are and will always be free(even if making them is not), I always make h-games as long as you'll enjoy them regardless of Patreon.  
This is just for those who wish to and are able to help support my h-games development financially.  If you're wondering what Patreon is, it's kind of like kickstarter but instead of giving large amounts for big project, you donate small amounts to the help support the creators of things you like.
I'm very very grateful to anyone who is able to help.  ^^

um anyways, that's all for now, enjoy. ^^


  1. I got a question as the prince after 1st fight stage what do you have to do? im stuck there

    1. oh, talk to the 2 maids in the kitchen then go back to the prince's room(one will say the prince needs a bath) and go to the bathtub(press enter) and the prince will take a bath.

    2. You need to highlight the kitchen entrance better it is almost impossible to find.

    3. hhmmm, well i have noticed it can be a bit difficult to find doors placed on the sides. Don't worry, I'll have it more noticeable on the next version. ^^

  2. Dark fantasy is good and all, but can you really afford to work on TWO games at once? I think you need to pick one and shut down the other. ^^)

    1. Hi Meatbag,
      I think I understand your concern, however creating 2 games at once isn't really anything new to me, I have worked on multiple games at the same time before, this is just one of the ways I like to develop games.
      Girls x Lust does have the main attention right now however, and will be completed before Broken Hymn(sometime this year). Once gxl is completed, I may possibly change my focus solely to Broken Hymn, or add another game and release Broken Hymn irregularly, but since gxl is still in development, I'm not sure just yet. But I will probably do a few public polls related to this in the future.
      Thanks for your question.

    2. It isn't really about whether you actually can or can't do 2 or 22 games at once.
      It's more about efficiency, you see, making a game takes lots and lots of time especially when the dev team is small as you no doubt realize, when you split that time in 2 or more each game gets less and less of your time the more you split it.. therefore it will take you for-EVER to complete things. And gamers are anything but patient.
      People see that you split your attention and instantly realize that updates will likely take ages this creates reluctance and reluctance isn't healthy for your patreon support.

    3. Well like I said, this is just one of the ways I like to develop games. When I have trouble making one game, instead of not making anything, I have a game I can fall back on, another one I can make in the meantime, then I can come back fresh to the other game. This way may not work for everyone, but it is one of the ways I like to develop games. I apologize for the longer times it takes.

      As for patreon, I understand your concern, but I'm not the only developer that does games like this on patreon. It's true that games do take time to develop regardless, and when you're developing more than one it will take even longer, but even if I divide my attention, I can still complete games. I only started girl x lust last year and I'm already planning to complete the game this year. I don't have any plans currently to cancel Broken Hymn and there would be too many people who would be disappointed if I canceled girls x lust. My patreon could be growing slowly because of this, but I hope that once people see what I have done and what I'm doing, and see the quality of my work, the audience will eventually come stronger.
      I would like to do part of what you said however, and only focus on one rpg maker game at some point.

    4. Fair enough. ^^)

  3. Hey please!!!Can you do me a VERY BIG favour??? >.< You remember that guy that had to shut down his Game? This Kingdom thing or how it was called! Please can you give me the link to his Page again? It´s very urgent! >~< his or even my life depends on it! Q~Q Pretty Please???

    1. Um, sure:

      I think the developer is also planning to make a new game sometime this year too:

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