Monday, February 20, 2012

Hi Everyone, First Post

Hi everyone,
I'm pizzacat(also known as pizzacatmx), I've been posting my h-games on forums and decided to make a blog for them.   This blog is mainly for Sakurahime(and Maids Perfect too I suppose). 
About the games, for the girl sprites I use 3DCG, which is a 3D model program where you can make custom 3D cel-shaded anime-style girls and pose them anyway you want to.  

There are current 2 games, the first is called maids perfect which is an rpg with adventure/cg/mini-game type gameplay made with rpgmaker, which is a gamemaking program that lets you create rpg(and non-rpg using other tricks) type games.

I originally only thinking it would to be a short game to try out rpgmaker but alot of people seem to like it so it's till ongoing(and I'll make it until it's finished), it has the first 4 chapters complete so far.

As I posted on the forum the story is: You've recently inherited your late uncle's fortune, including a large mansion. But upon arrival, you relies that the maids there aren't normal, your uncle had some crazy plans to create an ideal maid, which he called the "perfect maid", and now you're being forced to participate in a ceremony to summon the demon of lust.

 The other much game which is a much bigger project is called Sakurahime(which was recently updated 3 days ago).   There's alot to it, but basically it's about a world filled with perverted beautiful naked girls that owns males as property, and males are less than 10% of the population.  The game takes place in two world, this one and theirs. 
The game is made using gamemaker, which is a program for making games, though it doesn't really have anything setup for making rpgs so you would have to make it from scratch.
 The game also has alot of sprite sex and it has large sprites. (so I recommend a fairly fast computer for playing this game.)

The main idea for gameplay is top-down rpg/side-scrolling platformer(though platforming in the game at the moment), basically I'm thinking something like an rpg with Tales of Symphonia type battles but very based on sexual actions, platforming, and also very free-roaming but with a main story. Ideally, I want a huge town with 100's of unique looking girls and lot of events.  So far, I really like how the game has been turning out.

 I've post the download links for both games on the up left part of this blog, enjoy.

see you later


  1. Good job on the maid game and nice hook at the end. The other was really impressive from a technical standpoint, the shadows and custom sprites during gameplay. I look forward to both games though Sakurahime seems slightly more interesting in terms of concept.

    1. Thanks alot, I have more things planned for both of them. :)

  2. great job with sakura´hime but please make her as lesbain ;)

    1. Thank, don't worry I'm planning to have so o-dobi can change as the story progress, so there will be yuri h-events with o-dobi. ^^

  3. Hello:

    I would like to know if you think publish a new versión of your game "Maids Perfect". The last versión is the 0.5 but it's very old.

    This game is complete?. Did you think publish a new versión in a near future?


  4. Thanks, I hope i'll see next chapters;)