Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress update

 Hi guys, been a bit busy lately but i've also been making progress with the game.  I was having some collsions bugs earlier but in what might be called a "break-through" I finally figured out how to get platform collisions perfect by using something called masks(which I figured out while playing a certain platformer.).  This fixes it to the point that I can say the for sure that the next version will have platforming in it. ^^

I also noticed that the sprites could be even better quality when I shrink them, resulting in an even better quailty O-dobi than the current version(though I may not be that easy to tell....).


To make them look better, I render the models in higher quailty on my desktop, then I basically used paint to shrink the sprites(paint for windows 7 resized the sprites really well, even better than photoshop CS3 it seems) but then I also have edit around the edges of each sprite to remove a thick grayscale(as in sligthly different gray colors) boarder that paint creates(basically the gray background color fuses with the edges of the character's sprite when shrinked).  Paint doesn't have a transparent color option and photoshop creates semi-transparency around the edges when you shrink an image, so I'm not sure how to get around this if there is a way to(anyone have a suggestion?)...

However, I may likely try to do this with all the girls, but doing this requires extra editing on each sprite(which could take awhile for over 100 girls), so for now I've just redone the major characters and I'll probably be doing the game at this quailty from now on.

In other news, I re-did the walk animation and added a run animation, but this time looking very closely at real walking/running animations(this took abit longer than I though but it pretty well).  So now O-dobi can walk as well as run. ^^

Here's 2 updated lists of things I'm thinking about for the game:

Things that will(eventually) be in the game:
- walking/running with new animations
- able to go inside houses, expanded map, more events, more storyline, more girls(as always XD)
- platforming
- request board (to do request for individual shimaians)
- at lease 2 alternate outfits and equip-able equipment(with clothing possibly in layers)
- pregnancy/birth system
- customizable keys/controls with joypad support

Things that might(eventually) be in the game:
-  destroyable/leveling up inventory items
- a very light farming system
- fishing
- day/night system(not sure about this yet but I like the passage of time idea)
- weather system
- external sprite loading to improve speed

Um, that's all for now, see you later.


  1. This game will be awesome ^^
    kep up the good work =)

  2. This sounds freaking awesome. Waiting sucks however it is somewhat a requirement.

    Thanks for the epic update made of win.

    1. Thanks a lot. As things are coming together right now, it seems the next version maybe quite notable. ^^

  3. hello, the new version where can I download? or still 1.12 the current.

    keep up the good work

  4. Um sorry, v0.12 is still the current version, but this post does shows things for the future. ^^;

  5. This game seems like it will be great! I did a first impression video playthrough here. Sometimes it helps the developer when they can see someone actually playing the game that doesn't know anything about it.


    1. This is awesome, thanks this video just made my day. ^.^
      This video was very helpful and
      It shows a number things clearly that could use fixing, especially all of the collisions(like with the walls). I known about most of these problems, but didn't know they needed my immediate attention.
      Maybe something like a map/mini-map would helpful too.
      Though I only think I only saw you talk to about 4 girls in shimai(basically the idea was you can explore the 5 areas of shimai in somewhat an rpg free-roaming style and talk to girls to progress the story until you and the winged-girl can meet the priestess with the current demo) and skipped a lot of text, but yea all you can really do is talk to the girls at the moment and some of them have events.
      Anyways, thanks a lot the nice review, I'll be sure to try to fix the bugs for the next demo. ^^;