Monday, February 14, 2022

Conception Maiden - Demo 4

Hi everyone,

Conception Maiden demo 4 is here(public release) and can be downloaded below. This demo is about 3 times longer than demo 3 was. There are a number of new h-scenes in the game(including animated scenes), adjustments to storyline, new characters, sprites and CGs, new maps, spelling/grammar fixes, and lots of little changes. You can also take screenshots now with the screenshot key.

Also note, the enemy AIs are in the process of being rebuilt to hopefully make them closer to boss fights like on games such as megaman X, so they will mostly not attack you on this demo(enemy AIs will probably be the focus of the next demo). 


Here's the story of the game(taken from an earlier post):

About 2 of every monster girl breed was saved from an unprecedented war that obliterated the humans, monster girls and goddesses.  Placed into unbreakable egg-like sleeping pods, the monster girls slumber.

Some time later, due to an unknown stimuli, 8 previously unbreakable egg-like pods crack open, one of which containing you.

While receiving a blowjob from an elf, you awaken to find that you're the only human male alive.  Additionally, you find out that due to a final blessing of the fertility goddess, monster girls can reach full-term pregnancy in about a day, and then the babies age can be accelerated to maturity just as fast.  Thus, possessing you means a monster girl can save her race by breeding with you and having her offspring breed with you.

Of the 7 living monster girls, you befriend the kind elves.  But will that really work out?  Can all the monster girls befriend one another, or will they seek war to posses you?  Can you trust any of the monster girls to protect you?  And what about all the monster girls sleeping endlessly in the pods?


This is a femdom/harem/pregnancy game where the idea is you're (being forced to) impregnating monster girls as the only conscious male in the world to save their clans, while also attempting to befriend other monster girl breeds as you meet them.

This game is a blend of tactical rpg and a simple fighting game.  The game is played in 3 different main modes:  Exploration mode, where you can walk around freely, Tactics mode, where you control a cursor to select and command units to move on a top-down map(similar to tactical games such as fire emblem), and Combat mode, where you control the character directly and fight the enemy in a  fighter/platformer-like view.


 You can download Demo 4 here:

UPDATE, (thanks to selius for reporting this win7 bug) the above version was build on windows 10 and seems to require windows 8 or higher OS to run.  But If you're using Windows 7, you can download the Windows 7 compatible version here:


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Exploration mode: Arrow keys - move character, Enter - Interact/Talk to others 
Tactics mode(on tactical maps): Arrow keys - move cursor, Enter - Select, X - cancel (You can also use the mouse in command mode) 
Combat mode(fighting): Arrow keys - move character, Z - Jump, X - Attack
On-screen messages can be progressed by pressing Enter, Space, or Left-Mouse Button.(Hold down to fast-scroll text)
Press Esc to bring up the menu(this only works when no one is talking). 


That's all for now.
But here are some new screenshots/images of the game(after the jump---v):




  1. the game won't launch.

    1. Thanks for the report, it seems the game needed to be build on the win7 version of GMS2 for win7 players. I've just added a windows 7 compatible version that should work and made note of this for the future. Thanks again for letting me know.

  2. Replies
    1. I believe it is possible to get an android port add-on with the engine I'm using but I would have to look into more.
      If a lot of you guys want an android port I might try looking into how difficult it would be to create one, and what add-on(s) I would need to buy for the engine I'm using.
      Thanks for your question.

    2. Or maybe this game can be compatible on joiplay. I've tried and it doesn't work. So sad dude.

    3. This game isn't build with RPG Maker or any of the certain engines joiplay is made to interpret. The game was build with GMS2. GMS2 is somewhat popular, but it will be up the joiplay developers if they want to make joiplay compatible with GMS2.