Thursday, April 1, 2021

development update 3/31

 Hi everyone,

This is just a quick update, I was planning to release a new demo of at least one of the games this month, however march has turned out to be a very busy month and I didn't have time to do anywhere near as much game development as I would like to have.  I would release what I have now but I think it might be better to wait a until I have more content.  So right now the plan is to release a new demo sometime in April.  This will probably be a new demo of Immoral Sorceress.  Sorry for the delay everyone.  I will let you all know when the demo is ready.

Also for awhile now I've been posting new stuff(mainly relating to Conception Maiden) on my pixiv, you can you view them here:


That's all for now,

see you all later.


  1. So any update on the new demo?

    1. Sorry, this had to be delayed again due to real life issues. I will try to make a new post in the very near future. But I am also still planning to release new versions of both games in the future.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for your work, I really appreciate your prowess in creating a unique story and very enjoyable character development. I just want to wish you all the best and stay safe and good luck with your career and your family. Even though there are difficult times, please remember that there are always people who appreciate your creations.
    A fan.

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate this. I'm busy, but doing okay now. I will try to update you guys very soon.