Friday, January 8, 2021

Immoral Sorceress - Demo 4.5

Hi everyone,
a new version of Immoral Sorceress is here(public release), and can be downloaded below.


This is a small/minor update that adds an all new Easy Mode, about 45 new CGs, and minor spelling/grammar fixes(click here to read more about it ).

Here's a little bit about the game(taken from the other post):
Seifer, a 66 year old criminal, uses the main fruit of his teacher's life research, "Young Maiden", to become a young girl.  Having also recently completed his own research on how to obtain unlimited mana, he now seeks to fulfill his desires for power, revenge, lust for beautiful girls, as well as regain the penis he lost from changing genders.  Through moral degeneration and corruption, he seeks to turn these girls into extremely loyal, horny followers.  For every girl he corrupts, his total mana grows and he inches closer to his perverse goals.

 Warning, this game may have some very dark themes.

You can download Demo 4.5 here:


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That's all for now,
see you all later.


  1. This is so hype! I don’t know if I would call it a small update if there’s 45 CGs; sounds pretty big to me. Those CGs from the preview look gorgeous too

    1. Thanks alot, I'm rather bad a telling if my updates are big enough so I had wanted to make this update have much more new stuff(but didn't have enough time), but I'm very happy that you guys like it(hopefully the next release will be much bigger).

  2. Umm it possible that we will see more abortion fetish in the future? (I know I'm disgusting)

    1. I haven't really thought about it, but it is possible(though I would probably do things differently if it does). There will probably at least be something related to pregnancy though in the future. ^^