Sunday, August 12, 2018

Demo update

Hi guys,
Sorry for the long absence. 
For about 2 months, I wasn't really able to work on the harem game because of limited free-time, so i started using what was left of my free-time to slowly make a map editor with game maker that can edit maps(rooms) in a similar way to rpg maker(like directly copy multiple tiles and paste them, do autotiles, paint fill effect, easier to navigate between tilesets, etc.).  This editor makes it far faster and easier to create/edit maps on game maker(can edit any game project's maps).  I was hoping to use this on the harem game.  The map editor isn't complete, but it is functional and I have recently used it to create two different maps in the harem game.  I will probably post a video of the map editor on youtube sometime in the future.

 After that I had more free time again and went back to making the harem game.  Though a great deal of this time was used debugging new bugs and difficult to replicate bugs(like animation bugs based on time, which only occurs when joints line up a certain way), as well as adding new features that I realized I needed in the game(the last i added was sound playing that could be triggered by the message box and by joints on any points of an animations).

I have hopefully fixed all the bugs(biggest bugs were joint animation sync bugs and command map bugs that made the characters unable to move/move incorrectly), and I spend over a week recently doing nothing but additional bug checking(which was mostly just trying to fix 3 big bugs), so the game is now stable enough for demo release.  The storyline and eventing of the game is also all in order now.

Since this is the first main demo, I will be posting it publicly at the same time I post it on patreon.  I will be posting the game demo here and elsewhere sometime today or tomorrow.  I hope you guys will look forward to it(I will also reveal the official name of the game then).

That's all for now,
see you soon.

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