Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Harem Mini-Demo live on patreon

Hi everyone,
After a long development, I've posted a mini-demo on patreon for the (Untitled) Harem Building Game that contains the game's first detailed, animated h-scene and the story intro dialog.  This uses an advanced animation game engine system I'm developing. Also, even know I call it a mini-demo, it has quite a bit of dialog.

Patreon Mini-demo Release dates: Very early access: March 6th, Early access: March 22nd.
This mini-demo won't be release publicly since it doesn't contain the battle system, instead a larger demo that also contains the battle system will be released publicly once the game develops far enough.

I'm also planning to do a full reveal of the game here on this blog once I decide on a name, which should will likely be sometime soon.

If you're curious, you can see my original(outdated) teaser post about the harem game here: http://www.pizzacatmx.com/2017/11/new-harem-game-revealteaser-poll.html

That's all for now,
see you guys later.


  1. Since Desires of Persephone came in second in the poll, and only lost by two votes, do you plan to work on it along with the new harem game. I understand either way, I just wanted to know for sure.

    1. For right now, I'll probably be only focusing on completing the harem game's main demo.

      There didn't seem to be much interest in DoP when I posted it(it did do well on the poll though), but if enough of you guys wanted me to, I wouldn't mind making a new Desires of Persephone in addition to what I'm already making. But thanks alot for your interest in my game.

  2. Whats happening with Broken Hymn, l have been waiting since l think February 2017 for a new update.

    Is the project dead or just on hold???

    1. Broken Hymn isn't dead, but it has barely seen any development this year yet, mainly because of the harem game and limited free time.

      I'm mainly focusing on completing the harem game's core first, so it maybe quite awhile before I get to completing a new demo of Broken Hymn. Sorry if any of this is disappointing.

      A new version of Broken Hymn isn't anywhere near ready at the moment, however I still plan to release a new version that includes the game's first h-scene in the future. Regardless, thanks a lot for your interest!