Thursday, November 16, 2017

Desires of Persephone - First Chapter

Hi everyone,

Desires of Persephone first chapter is finally here and can be downloaded below.

This is a corruption rpg maker game(inspired by Village of Nightmare) about an evil sorceress named Chandra. she succeeds in summoning a powerful succubus named Persephone to the human world. Chandra is in love with Persephone and wants to corrupt the world by corrupting humans and turning them into Persephone worshipers. 

Due to the length of the game, I've referred to it as the first chapter.  If you like this game and want more of it please let me know.

You can download the game here:

Also, you can see the post for my other game release today, AmaiSei, here:

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Also, please feel free to leave feedback, comments and suggestions. ^^
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  1. Desires of Persephone First Chapter was an amazing game. I played through it twice already and I'm really impressed. This will probably end up a long comment so if you take one thing away from it: it's that DoP was fantastic and you should totally finish it. For the rest of this comment I'm going to talk more specifically. The story is interesting and unique. You said this game was inspired by Village of Nightmare and you can certainly feel that, but this game was honestly more entertaining to play: the story feels more fleshed out and I find the scenes to be better in DoP. *spoiler* You took the time to explain how Persephone was summoned and about how Demonic Sorceresses differ from lesser demons and etc: the lore is interesting here *end spoiler*. There is also a nice layer of dark humor, particularly Chandra's conversations with the guards stood out in this area. Additionally, the erotic scenes are gorgeous and well written. There are only two critiques I have, and they are that there is no scene replay system currently. *spoiler* I know you have a gallery room at the end but you can only replay one scene there, and that the Lara scene has only one line of dialogue in it once it starts (I'm assuming it's because you aren't actually supposed to corrupt her yet in the story) *end spoiler*. If you do choose to continue this game (subliminal message: DO IT) my suggestions are for more lesbian scenes and futa content (futa on girl butt stuff is best >.<); also please make a written guide like in GxL. Whatever you choose thank you for this game.

    1. Thank you so much for all of your kind feedback and taking the time to write it all. This game has a somewhat odd development history and I wasn't originally sure if I should release it or not. But seeing that someone really likes it like you, I'm glad I did release it. ^^ This game also takes alot of inspiration from Village of Nightmare just like you said. I tried to do something similar to it with this game but hopefully not too similar.

      Though I don't have any plans to at the moment, if I do go back to this game, I think a gallery and guide would be a good idea like you suggested. Though there doesn't seem to be much interest in this game since it's release(though I could be wrong), but if alot of guys like it there is a high chance of me continuing it. If so, I wouldn't mind adding this game's sequel development to the games I am currently doing.

      Also if you're curious, I'm developing a new(unrelated) game, I hope that you and everyone will give it a try when I release it.

      Thanks again for playing this and for all the feedback. ^^

  2. I really like the concept of the game, but 2 nitpicks:
    1. The grammar is kind of bad in some places, though I understand if english is a second language
    2. The eyelashes on the corrupted girls just looks kind of odd :l, I feel like the tattoos are enough.

    1. The eyelashes basically look like that on purpose, though it is weird I guess. Thanks for the note about the grammar, I will have to proof-read the game text again. Thanks for the feedback. ^^

  3. I can't figure out if the game is incomplete OR I'm doing something wrong, but essentially once Chandra's comes out of the mansion (after getting kicked out by Ridley for peeping on her father) - I have two choices --> masterbate in public or go to Phersphone to take care if it where she's in recovery for two weeks and than takes me to the trophy/event room - in either scenario ends the game.. Am I doing something wrong OR is this truly the end of the game?

    1. Yes, this is where the chapter ends. I had never originally intended to post this game publicly since I didn't have any plans to continue it, but it was among the most requested in the past. Sorry if any of this is disappointing. Regardless, thanks for playing.

      Also, the game Immoral Sorceress has similarities to this, if you like this game, I would recommend trying Immoral Sorceress, which I am hoping to complete in the future.

    2. Would this game have become as extreme as Immoral Sorceress if you had continued it?