Sunday, April 30, 2017

Throwing and Shifting Views

Hi everyone,

Amaisei has been progressing fairly well lately. 

Recently, I've added button-operated moving-platforms. By using these, Saori can reach new areas or set objects on the movable platforms to carry objects for her in ways that wouldn't normally be possible.  Alot of new game bugs related to the moving platform came up after I created it, so one of the main things I've been doing lately with the game was debugging the movable platforms as along with more general debugging.  It took awhile, but all the main bugs should be fixed now.

One big change in the gameplay is that Saori now walks slower when carrying heavy objects and can't jump as high with them.  This changes the gameplay greatly and makes the maps more challenging to solve.  For example, a platform that Saori can normally jump to might impossible to reach while carrying a heavy object because Saori won't be able to jump as high.

 Saori aiming toward the mouse

Another new feature is that Saori can now throw objects at when she's wearing a thrower's bracelet.  I've also just added an advance aiming system that show a guide before throwing so you know exactly where the object will land.

 maps can now shift the view horizontally and vertically (click image for full-size)

Another one of the special features is that it is now possible for the camera view to smoothly shift to different regions, making it possible to have larger maps and more complex layouts.  The camera is met to stay at fixed points in this game to make it easier to use the mouse but it is also possible follow Saori directly in a very smooth manner.

I will post a playable build of game on my patreon soon, but before I post it publicly, I would like to make more puzzles, sexual interactions, and create more tiling assets and backgrounds for the game(if you look at the gifs above, they are basically in testmaps with black placeholder tiles).

If everything goes as planned, the game should ready to post a playable version here sometime next month(in May).

That's all for now,
See you later.

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