Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Girls x Lust - 0.8

Hi everyone,
Girls x Lust Alpha 0.8 is now here and can be downloaded now from the link below.
Quite a bit of story development on this one.
(Since the game is beginning to near completion, i dropped the extra 0 from the alpha version number to hopefully give a better idea how much is left.)
Click on the post title to view screenshots of the game and list of erotic scenes with animation (after the jump-------->>)

New features include major expansion of main story-line, 2 new erotic scenes with animation, new events, new sprites/CGs, minor spelling/grammar corrections, and more.

(both new erotic scenes with animation are part of the main storyline, however to view one of them, you must have chosen an option other than punch Filla in the park(Filla is the rich daughter of the mayor).)

download (no RTP)
download with RTP included

Also, if you've downloaded the "no RTP" version, you'll need to download rpgmaker vxace run-time package if you don't have it installed already, you can download it here:

If you enjoyed this game, please consider supporting me on my patreon, it will be a great a help to me and allow me to put aside more time to make h-games, you will also have access to the newest releases of  my works(alpha/beta level), including girlsxlust: 

Please feel free to leave feedback, comments and suggestions. ^^
that's all for now,
see you all later.

List of erotic scenes with animation(note that this list only the h-scenes that include animation, not all h-scenes):
- Divina x Rillina Rape New
- Filla Backmails Colette New
- Immoral Little Sisters In The Library
- Elly's And Sophia's Lewdness With Duk
- Fnia x Colette In The Park
- Divina's Quick Groping
- Jo x Colette In Bed
- Mimi's Bathroom Masturbation 
- Pure's and Colette's Beach Licking
- Pure's So Dirty Beach Sex
- Pure x Colette x Lotion
-  Henrietta's Incest On The Farm
- Colette's Skirt Job
- Elly x Colette Rape Version
- Elly x Colette
- Isabella's Public Masturbation
- Cure's Hardcore Prostitution Gang-Bang
- Mimi's Bedroom Masturbation
- Colette Blowjob
- Colette's Monorail Ride
- Divina and Panties
- Midori's and Colette's Sisterly Bath
- Pilica's Gang-Bang Threesome
- Mimi's Breasts Feeding
- Sophia Bar Grind Masturbation
- Tally Sex With Pirate(Bar Restroom)


  1. Hi, i'm new in your blog, your games are really good, the story, animation and characters, only i have one suggestion, if you can put in the game a "Quest Log" or something like that, so you can see what missions you have to do and what missions you finished. Because after a day or two without play the game you can forget what you have to do to continue the story... I hope my sugestion help you or serve to do better your game. Sorry my english, and thanks for the game...

    1. Thank you, as of right now the game is nearing completion so I'm not sure if I would have the time to add a full quest log system, but I've had similar suggestions before and I would like to make it easier for players to know what to do next in gxl like you've said. So I'm planning to add 2 fortune tellers in-game that will tell you what to do next (and I will also make a full walk-through of the game) for version 1.0.
      Thank you for your suggestion and thanks for playing! ^^