Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Girls x Lust 0.8 live on patreon

Hi everyone,
Girls x Lust 0.8 is now on Patreon as early access for patrons of alpha/beta level.

Here is the information about the release date of alpha 0.8:

June 14th, 2016 - Patrons/Donators Early Access
June 22th, 2016 - Public Release(on blog and anywhere else)

That's all for now,
see you all later.


  1. Hey! Could you help me please? Perhaps you still remember: There was once a guy whit a Game that you presented here at your page: The Game was about a Kingdom where you play a Warrior that Teams up with quite a few Girls, like a Wolf Girl, a cyborg girl, an Warrior Girl a magician Girl and few more . . . it was a quite similar Stile to yours . . . please can you remember it? = /

    1. Sure, I think you're talking about this game, which was unfortunately discontinued:

    2. What?!? Why?!? It was so Awesome! Did something happened?!? >o<

    3. I'm not about all the details but I think he said that he was having financial problems, he posted a bit more about it here:

  2. A long time ago I played your Broken Hymn demo and it was amazing, so just wondering are you still working on it ?

    1. He wants to finish Girls X Lust but he told me he wants to continue on that one after his current Project! = D

    2. Thanks, yes Broken Hymn is still in the works, though it's kind of on hold until GxL is completed, so I've mostly only been creating CGs for it lately. Right now, Broken Hymn has around about 10,000 CGs that I've created for it at this time. I was planning on releasing Broken Hymn irregularly, however after GxL is completed(around august), it's possible that I will move my main focus back to Broken Hymn.
      I currently have no plans to create any other RPG Maker games after GxL's completion aside from Broken Hymn. There is one other potential game but it isn't an RPG Maker game.
      Sorry if what I said is somewhat confusing, I'm not sure what direction I'll go with things after gxl just yet, but I'll let you guys know sometime in the future.
      Thanks for the support you guys. ^^